You're just to good to be truuuuuue… can't take my eyes off of yooooou… The Meridia of Luv hasn't got a monopoly on true love. From February 9th to the 16th, you'll also be seeing la vie en rose (and Gobballs of a similar rosy hue)! The World of Twelve is getting ready for Saint Ballotwine's! Hurry and discover all the nice things waiting for you!

From February 9th to the 16th, the World of Twelve will whisper sweet nothings in your ear… It will tell you how much it loves you… how, without you, beloved Twelvian, it would be as empty as the inside of a Iop's head… it'll praise your talents as an adventurer, your impeccable taste in sets, your confidence when you cast spells, your haircut, or even your dizzying curves. In short, it will all be about love and about devouring you with its eyes like a Gobball devouring a fresh and humid lawn.

And that's all well and good, of course, but let's be honest: Saint Ballotwine's is all about getting showered with gifts! And that's good, because Duf, the Meridia of Luv, has breathed the warm breath of love across the land, beyond the Crackler Mountains, to the Cania Plains, and even the Sidimote Moors. So for several days, you can enjoy:

  • Exclusive quests linked to all those Gobballs turned rosy by lovey-dovey things…
  • An Almanax bonus: all characters touched by Chocrosis will see their XP gains increased by 100% during fights against monsters.
  • A Love Ticket scratch card game*, with lots of prizes to win each day, from the 13th of February until the 16th of February 10:59 PM UTC.
  • A special offer only for 14 February: buy one Shigekax, get one free!
  • The Burning Love Pack, which will be available in the shop for 12,800 goultines (it will replace the Ninja Pack, and will remain throughout the event).
  • And finally, you can download the St. Ballotwine wallpaper to show everyone your love for DOFUS Touch!

Let yourself be seduced by this event which will touch the hearts of all – even the Cracklers!

* You can play the scratch card game if you have made a purchase in the Shop with Goultines or if you have an active Bonus Pack. If you do not meet these conditions, you still have time to go to the Shop!