Starting today until the 15th of February, profess your affection to the lovely Bworkette by writing her a love letter! Can you smell that? Well, yes it smells of Bwork, but it is perfumed with passion! 

Saint Ballotwine’s been gulping into the Pandawa’s stronger milk, and told Cupid to aim his arrow straight at your heart to the exquisite Bworkette! Now that you’ve been smitten, how do you confess your affections? Why, with the tried and true, the all-reliable, love letter!

You’ve got this one chance to get the blunt side of Bworkette’s axe, figuratively AND literally speaking! So craft your fiery confession, and perhaps you’ll earn Bworkette’s favor, and with it, a blazing prize!


How to participate?

  • The letter must be matching the theme “Love letter to Bworkette”.
  • The letter must be 200 words or less.
  • Each participant must only submit one letter by posting it in the comments section of this news.
  • The letter must adhere to the Forum Rules


The Loot

3 (three) authors will find themselves rewarded with

  • Flame's Tormentor
  • Write Emote

The contest ends on 15th of February 5:00 PM.

So get working and write your best!