Bitkyo, the Meridia of Tips and Tricks, are calling out adventurers to write a short guide on how to play and excel with the different classes of DOFUS Touch. Helpful and applicable guides will be published on our sites!

Show some love to the community by sharing your experience, expert opinion and advise on the best ways to play a specific class in DOFUS Touch. If you can’t decide which class to write a guide about, we suggest you start off with Foggernaut, Rogue or Masqueraider! 

Your guide will help other players who have never played these classes and have no idea of their roles, strengths, weaknesses and gameplay.

How to contribute?

  • For your class guide, it can be a tutorial guide or a specific build guide.
  • Once you’ve written your guide, contact [Flatops] by Ankabox and let him know that you’d like to contribute to the community project.

Guide Outline

Here is the outline for your guide. Feel free to add relevant parts, you are the expert of the class after all! Including images, videos and FAQs to your guide will be a plus and a big help to its intended readers! A reminder that the guide must adhere to the forum rules.
  • About the author
  • Introduction of the class and build
    • Why choose this class?
    • Purpose of the build (why did you make this specific build?)
    • Role in a party (Tank, DPS, Support or All purpose?)
    • Strengths and weaknesses (why is this build better in specific tasks?)
  • Characteristics allocation (why did you pick those stats?)
  • Spells allocation (why did you pick those spells?)
    • Suggested spells to use and their description
    • Spell rotation (how to spend your AP/MP efficiently)
  • Gear to look for (items and mounts)
    • Starting gear
    • Mid level gear 
    • High level / End-game gear 
    • PVP gear
  • Levelling Up
    • Areas where to efficiently level using this build

Review of guides and a gift from us!

Our in-house experts will review your submission and we’ll publish the guides that are clear, informative and helpful on our website and on the forums. Aside from publishing your guide, we will also reward you with a Forum title to be applied within the year.

Interested in sharing your knowledge and helping out the community? Do not hesitate any longer and send us your guide!