Bots have been at the heart of the community’s concerns for several months now and we promised that our teams would actively work on the problem. Today, we present to you one of the new measures we will take against bots concerning guest accounts.

Guest accounts

The moderators have been doing a remarkable job for several weeks now against bots, partly thanks to everyone who vigilantly reports them via our Discord server.
We feel though that this is not enough, that is why our teams are working on more technical solutions. Currently, many bots are using guest accounts for their misdeeds. We no longer wish to give them this pleasure.
Starting Thursday, March 16, 2017, guest accounts can no longer exchange with other players. Guest accounts would need to complete the registration process in order to play normally.
We are well aware that this measure will not be enough to stop bots. We are already planning other actions in the weeks to come. We will share more information about them soon.
Thanks to all that have helped us in this endeavor in keeping our servers clean and enjoyable for all!