Why are there bots in DOFUS Touch and how do we fight them? Is it legal and secure to buy kamas on the internet? These are a few of the questions that we will discuss in this news.

What is a bot and why are they in DOFUS Touch?

A bot, a contraction of the term "robot", is a program arranged to perform a series of actions. In DOFUS Touch, this involves characters who set up trades and combat different monsters non-stop.
These bots then sell their collected resources in the Market. They will gain kamas that are resold to players for real currency. This is an illegal action for both the buyer and the seller. The bot’s objective is purely monetary. These bots deteriorate the game experience of honest and respectable players.

This practice is indeed illegal, both for the kama seller and its buyer. We invite everyone to make use of the platforms provided by Ankama which are legal and secure: the Market and the Shop.

Who built these bots?

They are mainly designed by companies located mostly abroad, therefore making it very difficult to litigate because of various legal and judicial policies of other countries.
Some players use bots personally in order to get rich, though their Ankama accounts are outright banned once discovered.
It is accurate to say that bots are also propogated  by a few people who use them indirectly. If players do not purchase kamas from them, the bots would not have a reason to exist!

What are the risks in buying and/or selling kamas?

We’d like to stress that this practice is purely illegal and you will experience repercussions.
The Ankama accounts of both bot users and their patrons will definitely be banned once found out.
As a buyer, you also take the risk of being scammed by paying for a purchase that will never be delivered.

How is Ankama fighting bots?

We have different solutions in our arsenal

  • Recruitment of moderators
  • Guest account limitations
  • Limited number of battles and messages per day
  • Spam filters
  • Various measures in the background that are strictly confidential

You can participate in the fight against this menace by reporting bots that you see via our Discord server.

Be part of the fight against bots!

Combating bots are one of our top priorities in the first half of 2017, and we hope that this news will convince you!