We’re looking for a talented, passionate individual to join the ranks of our Community Management team!

Spanish version

As part of the Community Management team, you will be Ankama's representative to the Spanish-speaking community, at the same time, will also be the representative of the Spanish-speaking community to Ankama. 

You will establish player loyalty by moderating the Spanish communities of DOFUS Touch and WAKFU, ensuring that the atmosphere in-game, in the forum and in different social networks is ideal by providing constant information on the development of each game and maintaining a direct communication with the players.


  • Define specific action plans for the implementation of events and community interaction.
  • Assures the correct use of all available communication methods: game, forums, websites, social networks, etc.
  • Monitor discussions on various Ankama channels and ensure its moderation.
  • Identify Spanish-speaking influencers, engaging them in Ankama games and retaining them.
  • Participate in the writing of specific content such as devblogs, community articles, changelogs, etc., as well as participate in the translation of such documents.
  • Assist the lead CM and the international coordinator in defining community strategies.
  • Provide regular reporting of community management activities and respond to specific requests for specific reports.
  • Represent the players by providing relevant feedback to in-house teams.


We are looking for a person with a background in marketing / communications and have a good knowledge and mastery of various social networks. A person who is passionate about video games, the Ankama universe and, above all, know DOFUS and WAKFU well and how it works in order to design and write messages with a language and style adapted to our universe.

The candidate must be fluent in Spanish and be able to communicate in French.

Proactive in nature, you are recognized for your synthetic, editorial qualities and knows how to be flexible.

Good knowledge of Analytics, CMS, Back Office and tracking tools are a plus.