DOFUS Touch No Emu is a software used to be able to play DOFUS Touch on PC, Mac or Linux. It will no longer be available for use as we have taken the necessary steps to block it. 

Why block DOFUS Touch No Emu?

It is inconceivable to allow DOFUS Touch No Emu to prevail for several reasons:

  • The creation, distribution and use of emulators are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use.
  • This software made it possible to play multiple accounts easily causing an imbalance in-game against those who play lawfully on mobile.
  • In addition to playing multiple accounts, the software offered other features and shortcuts that greatly benefited its users. 
  • The administrators of this software acquired real money by offering its users additional features and functions within the game. .
  • Account security is greatly compromised on DOFUS Touch No Emu than on other platforms as nothing prevents the administrators of such platforms from introducing a malicious program into their software.

Are you aware that you will lose players?

We are fully aware of this, but this should not call into question the various points we mentioned above. We have been repeating for several months now that the use of this kind of software or emulator is not allowed. However, if these players wish to continue their adventure legally on a smartphone or tablet, it will be with great pleasure!

We would like to remind everyone that DOFUS Touch is developed for the mobile format only and that a PC version remains available through DOFUS. We will continue our efforts in our fight for a fair gameplay.