Allister, beloved king of Amakna, is organizing a great egg hunt for Fleaster. Delighted with your feats during the Great Shearing last September, the king decides to ask again for your help.

Sausages, pastas and eggs, what better way to celebrate Fleaster besides filling up your belly? Inspired to reopen old wounds with the Dreggons, the king sends you chasing the eggs in the ruins of the ancient village of Amakna!

Some members of the royal court thinks that the reason he wants you to do this remarkable quest is so that the Dreggons end up laying Dofus eggs. Anyway, it's not your royal business and the king promises you a great reward if you manage to bring him enough eggs!

Here are your royal orders:

This challenge is shared across all DOFUS Touch servers. It will begin on Saturday, the 15th of April 12:01 AM CEST and will end on Sunday, the 16th of April 11:59 PM CEST.

If you succeed, you'll unlock a +50% XP & drop bonus weekend for the 22nd and 23rd of April

What are you waiting for, it's egg hunting time!