Many of you have been wondering about the future of DOFUS Touch: "Why are we having to wait for new content?", "Why isn't the shop being restocked very often...?". We've taken note of your concerns and your feedback and, in the interests of transparency, we'd like to use this new missive to let you know what's going on. And, since you asked, you'll get to contribute!

When are we getting new content?

You might have noticed through various changelogs since the game's launch, that our team is focused first and foremost on fixing bugs and making a few improvements to the ergonomics before worrying about adding new content. Remember that DOFUS Touch offers around 10 years worth of content, which is unheard of for a mobile game!

As you've seen from our latest changelogs, this debug phase is slowly but surely making way for work on the next DOFUS Touch content. Up until now, this work was being carried out behind closed doors and you may have gotten the impression that our teams were taking it easy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

It takes a long time to create new content and even more so for DOFUS Touch, which doesn't have the same resources or the same ways of doing things as DOFUS PC. Believe us when we say that if we could work any faster, we would! We would like to make this point clear, because certain players are too quick to compare the updates released for the PC version with those released for the mobile version.

Why is it so much more complicated with DOFUS Touch?

  • The game wasn't developed in the same language, so our teams are using new tools that come with new problems to be solved.
  • Unlike the PC version, the game hasn't been available for over 10 years. It has only been released worldwide since September 2016.
  • The same teams aren't working on both games, although the DOFUS Touch team has been growing over the last few months.

What content will appear in-game this year?

In this section, we'll distinguish between two types of content: shop content and content from the game itself. Unfortunately, at this time we're not able to give you any exact dates. It's very difficult to guess how long these projects will take for the reasons mentioned above.

This list is exhaustive and some projects may be changed as we go along, while others may be added.

Upcoming Shop Content

  • Mimisymbics

You can use them to give an item the appearance of another item of the same type and of an equal or lesser level. They should normally by available by May at the latest.

Mimisymbics will also be compatible with pets and petsmounts.

  • Mystery Boxes

Based on the same concept as the ones in DOFUS, Mystery Boxes will contain random items and you will have varying amounts of luck getting one item or another. However, we want to allow you to open them directly in-game without going through the official website, which means more work for us. We're expecting to launch them by June at the latest.

  • Items taken from DOFUS

We thought some of the items sold in DOFUS, for example, the Shushivin Set (another version of living items to be evolved), might make an interesting addition to the mobile version.

  • New Consumables

We're thinking about giving DOFUS Touch its very own consumables. Here are some of our ideas so far: an anti-aggression potion against monsters, a camouflage potion, a teleportation potion, etc.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for consumables to send us? If so, don't forget to comment below!

Upcoming In-Game Content

  • Incarnam Revamp

Discussed in more detail in the previous missive, this revamp is a considerable challenge for our team and will give us a lot of experience on the matter, while offering new players a much better welcome. We've revamped the area, the bestiary, the dungeon, added new items... and implemented a brand new feature!

  • The Lair

Lair is the placeholder name you've given to the new DOFUS Touch feature with the Missive #5 poll. Once again, it was a huge challenge for our team, with the integration, amongst others, of new bosses.

We've taken your feedback following this announcement into account and have noted that you'd also like Lair for higher-level players. This is indeed in our plans, just for later in the year! At least two other level groups will have their own Lair before the end of 2017, in an effort to please as many people as possible.

The Incarnam revamp and Lair will initially be launched on a Beta server, specially chartered for the occasion! Spots on this server will be few and far between and solely for the purpose of testing the new features. We'll give you more information in due course.

Unfortunately, following the departure of [Sat], one of our Game Designers, we've fallen behind on these two projects. We now hope to be able to launch the Beta at some point during May.

  • Sidekicks

Many of you requested this feature for DOFUS Touch. It's something we think would make a great addition to the mobile version, but not necessarily in the same format as the one you know from the PC version. We are giving some serious thought to the matter, but we're unable to tell you any more for the time being.

  • DOFUS Pets

DOFUS Pets is a new F2P (Free to Play) mobile game in the Krosmoz universe, based on the principle of pet management. Just like tamagotchis, it offers players the chance to adopt a pet, take care of it, train it, and evolve it, while offering various features such as an integrated mini-game system and an extensive community aspect.

You're no doubt wondering what this has to do with DOFUS Touch! Well, from a transmedia point of view, DOFUS Pets will allow you to unlock exclusive pets and petsmounts in DOFUS Touch starting this Summer!

To show us how this works, [XyaLe] has kindly unveiled the evolution tree for the Bow Meow pet!

To find out more about DOFUS Pets, take a look at the various articles on the official website and follow them on Twitter. You might even be able to get early access, who knows?


But that's not all!


PVP Tournament

The launch of the first official PvP tournament has been delayed due to technical difficulties. Once again, we haven't forgotten about it and we'll try our best to get one set up as soon as possible before the end of the year!

In the meantime, why not take the initiative and organize one on your own server by talking about it in the game's Discord or with [Flatops] by Ankabox

If your project is in line with the game and well-organized, we'll be happy to promote your event, get the moderators to lend a hand, and help you out with some rewards. This has already been the case for an initial tournament organized in co-operation with the player Squal on Oshimo. More information will be available in the coming days!

Device Issues

We are aware of certain ongoing device problems, especially on Android models. We're not letting this project fall by the wayside either and to prove it, we have recently started analyzing the Huawei P9 smartphone to find to find out more about the various problems that occur on this model!

It's going to take a huge amount of time to correct problems that are specific to each model. This means that, for each case, we have to get hold of the model in question and sometimes even then we don't manage to reproduce the bugs you're encountering! So it's very difficult to fix them under these conditions, but that doesn't mean we're giving up.


Bugs and Ergonomics

Likewise, we are continuing our work on the different bugs and ergonomics problems that you may run into on DOFUS Touch. Why don't you help us prioritize all that?

After this missive, tell us which bugs and ergonomics problems you'd like to be fixed first! (Don't forget to share your ideas for consumables, as mentioned above, either!)

Please be aware that this doesn't mean we can get all this done from one day to the next, or in the order you would like, but we'll try our best to meet the needs of the whole community as far as humanly possible.

It's the end of the sixth missive and we hope that we've successfully addressed your many questions. From our side, we have yet more information in store for you in GAMAKNA #1, which will be released at the end of April! Until then, if you have any questions or comments for us, please feel free to leave them below.