The first major update of DOFUS Touch is almost ready to go live! If you want to know more about the closed beta and the official release date for the Incarnam revamp, you've come to the right place!

The celestial island is about to get a new look, helping new players to better understand their first steps in the World of Twelve. It's also an opportunity for our team to introduce a new feature: the Lairs!

While Missive 5 provided some information on these new features, a more detailed devblog will be made available once the closed beta is available. "Sounds great, but when?"

Closed Beta

Let's not beat around the bush: the closed beta will be launched at the end of June!

It will only be open to a handful of players, selected on the basis of a questionnaire (see the link below), who will have the privilege of being the first to try out these new features. It's guaranteed to bring back pleasant memories for our original beta testers from back in the day!

Since the purpose is to test everything out under real conditions, each of our guinea pigs players will have to start the adventure with an all-new, all-nude character! Rest assured, the staff will be right by your side to support you (sounds great, right?).

On a related note, we are counting on our beta testers to give us as much relevant feedback as possible as they try to see the World of Twelve through the eyes of a new arrival. A section of the official forum will be dedicated to it, along with a private Discord session for an exclusive discussion with our team. You'll be treated like royalty, we promise!

Note that the closed beta will end after two weeks of testing, and that the data will not be saved for later betas.

Still interested? Then let's get down to business!



Keep an eye out for a chance to win beta passes on our various social networks!


Official Launch Date

If the tests go as planned (and, of course, if the beta testers are efficient!), then the Incarnam revamp and the first Lairs will be launched on July across all servers.

To tide you over until then, various events will be organized on DOFUS Touch media. Stay tuned!