The wait is finally over! Find all the World of Twelve's pets in a 100% Ankama Tamagotchi: DOFUS Pets is out today on tablet and smartphone!

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Choose your new virtual companion from the Bow Meow, the Tofu, and the Boon, and care for it each day: take care of its training, its food, its cleanliness, its appearance, and choose its evolution… and find it in DOFUS and WAKFU, and soon DOFUS Touch and Krosmaga thanks to cross-media transfers!

More than a Tamagotchi, it's a social app: blow up the minigames' score charts, challenge your friends, climb up the ranks of popularity, …and share your experience on your favorite networks thanks to the integrated camera!


  • mobile F2P game
  • Available on tablet and smartphone for both Android and iOS*
  • Home to three pets available at launch: the Bow Meow, the Tofu, and the Boon
  • For each pet, 6 evolutions and 1 petsmount can be unlocked
  • That's 18 pets and 3 exclusive petsmounts to collect in DOFUS Touch!**

Here are the different pet and petsmount bonuses at max level:


  • Measured Tofu : 80 Agility
  • Paunchy Tofu : 80 Intelligence
  • Icky Tofu : 80 Strength
  • Charming Tofu : 80 Chance
  • Brakmarian Tofu : 50% Power
  • Bontarian Tofu : 1,000 Initiative

Bow Meow

  • Measured Bow Meow: 20 Air Damage
  • Paunchy Bow Meow: 20 Fire Damage
  • Icky Bow Meow : 20 Earth Damage
  • Charming Bow Meow: 20 Water Damage
  • Brakmarian Bow Meow: 50 Lock
  • Bontarian Bow Meow: 50 Dodge


  • Measured Boon: 20% Air Resistance
  • Paunchy Boon: 20% Fire Resistance
  • Icky Boon: 20% Earth Resistance
  • Charming Boon: 20% Water Resistance
  • Brakmarian Boon: 1,000 Pods
  • Bontarian Boon: 20 Heals


  • Tofury : 80 Prospecting
  • Jumbow Meow : 50 Wisdom
  • Boonax : 400 Vitality

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The release of DOFUS Pets for Apple will be deferred a couple days. Keep an eye on the news and enjoy the game soon on iOS.
** The pets and petsmounts in DOFUS Touch will be unlocked in August.