DOFUS Touch is a free to download, and play game. Adventurers can enhance their gameplay experience by purchasing items and services in the Shop with Goultines!

Found the set of your dreams listed in the Market? Get it in an instant using Goultines before another players takes it! An exclusive pet was released in the Shop just for the weekend but you don’t have enough kamas? Snag it right away with Goultines!

Buyable only in currency ($,£,€, etc.), Goultines allow you to acquire not only items from the Shop but also items available through the Market. For security, Goultine purchases are processed exclusively by the Apple App Store and Google Play Games.

How do I purchase Goultines?

  1. Tap the SHOP button
  2. Tap the “+” button beside the Goultine icon
  3. Tap your preferred pack of Goultines
  4. To confirm your purchase, depending on your device, you will be prompted via Google Play or iTunes
  5. Once confirmed you can now exchange your Goultines in the Shop or in the Market

Apple ( iOS ) Payment Options

Available payment methods vary by country. The most common are

Depending on your country, additional payment methods are available such as
  • PayPal
  • Mobile phone billing through supported carriers. Check here to see if your country supports this option.

To change or remove your iOS payment method, check here.

For more information regarding iOS purchasing methods, check here.

Google Play ( Android ) Payment Options

Available payment methods vary by country. The most common are

To add, remove, or edit your payment method, check here.


Now that you know how to set up your payment option, make your adventures comfortable and buy that Bonus Pack, Set, Pet and other premium items in the Shop without hassle!