In the year 26, the first battle of the Crimson Dawn left the cities of Brakmar and Bonta in ashes. Certain hotheads don't seem to have learned the lesson of that battle though, and now a new round of bloodshed is about to begin.

Although Brakmar and Bonta has been fundamentally at odds since the day they were founded, they do have one thing in common, deeply tragic as it is: the Crimson Dawn. Both cities place great importance on commemorating this event every year, and this Septangel 12 will be no exception.

In Brakmar, the celebration is primarily an occasion to remember the teachings of Oto Mustam, a festival to honor lost heroes and conquests yet to come. In Bonta, it is a festival of remembrance, intended first and foremost to honor the Order of the Valiant Heart that lost so much.

But this time, it seems that Grugin, the Meridia of Feuds, wants to throw in his two cents as well!

The White City has heard rumors of an assassination contract taken out on a young knight of the order, who is now under heavy guard. The whole affair is said to be sponsored by a Brakmarian dignitary nursing an ancient grudge; Bonta has wasted no time in reacting, and is calling for the Brakmarian's head.

Much to everyone's chagrin, this festival is about to take a turn for the worse…

Event Details

From Tuesday September 12th at 10:00 AM CEST until Tuesday September 19th (before maintenance), players will be tasked with taking either Brakmar or Bonta by storm, depending on their alignment, in order to unlock various rewards. And for this occasion:

  • New groups of militiamen and warriors will appear in and around each city.
  • They will aggressively attack any player of the opposing alignment who crosses their path.
  • A boss will be added to the right of the Brakmarian Militia Merchant at [-25,36], and another one in front of the King's Palace at [-35,-61]; you will have to be an angel to kill the Brakmarian boss, and a demon to kill the Bontarian boss.
  • Certain maps have suffered the ravages of war.

Each city will have to get ready to simultaneously attack the enemy and defend its own positions!

Useful Tips

  • For all alignment battles, you can join groups of militiamen, warriors or bosses to fight alongside them. All you'll need to do is click on this icon:
  • You'll have to play this event with your alignment wings activated if you want to claim your prizes!



This event is an opportunity for us to launch the new rewards system introduced in this devblog. Here's what you'll get:
Brakarina pet
Bontick pet
  • Small chest: Brakarina pet for demons, Bontick pet for angels
  • Medium chest: exclusive "Atten-hut!" emote
  • Large chest: exclusive "Protector of the Dark City" title for demons, "Protector of the White City" for angels

The pets, emote and title scrolls will be linked to the account. You will get 3 of each emote and title scroll so if you want to distribute them on several characters of the same account, it is up to you.

So how do you open chests to get your hands on what's inside?

The chests can be opened starting on Tuesday, September 19 (after maintenance) until October 3. They will be placed on the following maps:
  • Chests for Brakmarians: [-26, 35]
  • Chests for Bontarians: [-33, -56]

Here are the criteria you'll have to meet in order to open them.

  • Small chest: you will have to obtain at least 20 Warrants for warriors or militiamen of level 20 to 40.
  • Medium chest: you will have to obtain at least 100 Priority Warrants for warriors or militiamen of level 60 to 100.
  • Large chest: you will have to defeat the boss of the opposing city at least once and collect his ring.

Each of these resources has a 100% drop rate, but can only be picked up if you fight with your alignment wings activated. Each chest can only be opened once.

How do you become an angel or a demon?


You've probably figured out that in order to participate in the event, you'll have to pick an alignment! To learn more about alignments, visit (in French) for text and video tutorials on the subject.


Dress in the colors of your city!

From Tuesday, September 12 after the maintenance to Tuesday September 19 8:00 AM CEST, the Brakmarian Pack and the Bontarian Pack will be available in the Shop! Proudly display the colors of your city during battle! You can also try your luck and win one at our Twitter, Facebook or Discord events!

Good luck, everyone… you'll need it!