After days of pampering your new companions in DOFUS Pets, it is high time to throw them into a new universe: the World of Twelve in DOFUS Touch!

Otomaï has decided, your pet is finally ready to face the various trials that Amakna and its lands have to offer! As of today, be prepared to strut to your favorite zaap and fight with your Tofu, Boon or Bow Meow in DOFUS Touch!

It couldn't be any easier! Just go to the transfer menu of DOFUS Pets and send your favorite pet into the World of Twelve by selecting DOFUS Touch. It is necessary that your pet has reached full maturity (which takes 20 days without using a Mushroom) in order to transfer it.

The transfer costs 250 gems per pet for all Ankama games. So if you have already unlocked your pet for DOFUS, WAKFU or Krosmaga, you no longer have to pay this amount. If you are looking for the Petsmounts, they will be available in October.

What pet will you unlock first?


Event: Win an Explorer's Hat and a Golden Croissant

Take a screenshot of your new pet in DOFUS Touch and post it in the comments section of this news or tweet it to us using the hashtag #MyPetDT (tagging @DOFUSTouch_EN) and a lucky winner will take home an Explorer's Hat and a Golden Croissant in DOFUS Pets!