The Me Hearty Party kicks off on Septangel 20; it's a buccaneer bash dreamed up by a humble pirate named Seth Halitosis. Ask for the program!

Forget about being prim and proper: for one whole week, pirates will be running the World of Twelve! Greedo Rum and cuss words of all sorts will be on tap in all the inns of Amakna and the surrounding lands.

So just this once, we can count on our kind old King Allister's indulgence. He does not turn the kindest of eyes on his subjects abasing themselves alongside the pirates who've stormed the continent's shores for the Me Hearty Party.

Do you "sea" where this is going? Once again, he's chosen you to be sent to the salt mines to visit the various captains of piracy!

Event Details

From Wednesday, September 20 (after maintenance) until Tuesday, September 26 8:00 AM CEST, face off against different bosses in order to complete the Pirate Captain Set!

Avast, ye landlubbers!

The set allows you to unlock an exclusive title once equipped: "Picaroon-y-toon".

The spawn time of LeChouque has been modified to around 5 minutes during the event.

These items are not dropped by the boss, instead it will be inserted to your account after the event. The rewards are valid once per account.


But wait, there's more!

During the same time period, take advantage of the infamous Pirate Pack and its exclusive items in the in-game Shop.

Anchors away, you freshwater dogs!