Just a few days away from the October update, we have news about what's coming for you! So, here's the eighth DOFUS Touch Missive.

How's DOFUS Touch doing?

We've noticed that several players have been worried about the future of DOFUS Touch, and we want to use this Missive to reassure them and stop the spread of false rumors.

No, the number of players is not in free-fall, quite the contrary! Despite the summer vacation that gave some of you a scare, the number of players has gone up. It is perhaps not as obvious as it was a few months ago because now that the entire World of Twelve is being visited and explored, the distribution of players has changed. Elementary!

DOFUS Touch is still profitable, as its ranking in the App Store shows.

All this means that we are very confident about the future, given that the more time goes by, the more our team is able to innovate and offer you new things, as you will see in this Missive.

On that note, let's take a look at what's coming in the next few weeks!

New Lairs!

In the last Missive, we asked you for your opinion on the next lairs to put into play starting at the end of 2017.

Here are the two zones you chose:

  • Lord Crow's zone
  • Peki Peki's zone

The first of the two to be implemented will be Lord Crow's zone, in December 2017, with a lair in Eltneg Wood and another in the Crow's Domain.

Peki Peki's zone, will be implemented in 2018, with a lair on Nolifis Island and one in Feudala.

Higher-level lairs will be coming next, probably in the Fungus area, which came in second in the HL/VHL poll. We also want to finish the Astrub Lairs at the same time.

While we're on the subject, there's been a change of schedule for our team!

Exlusive Low to Very High Level Content for Al Howin

Initially, four lairs were planned for the coming update on October 3: two in the Astrub Rocky Inlet, and two in the Astrub Fields. However, after various team discussions, we decided to modify the program: only the lairs in the Rocky Inlet will be implemented for the moment.

However, to make up for the change, a second update will happen at the end of October or early November and offer exclusive content for Al Howin!

Rifik Island

For one month (every year!), a new tropical island ravaged and overrun by terrifying monsters will make its debut in the World of Twelve: Rifik Island. With ten or so maps, it will be smaller than the islands of Kwismas and Vulkania, but it won't be any less interesting.

The island will be divided into two zones:

  • the beach with its Skeletons and fishing areas for players of level 50 and up; and
  • the island's interior with its terrifying Ghouls for level-200 players.

Each of these zones contains a different boss, which will allow you to create a level-50 Set and a level-200 Set. You will be able to earn new Achievement points along the way. There may even be a few quests!

You will need to prove your worth before being able to challenge the masters of this island.

This new zone should open at the end of October or early November; it will be available for one month. You'll have an opportunity to learn about its history in the next Gamakna!

Treats for Everyone!

Al Howin is now an event for several level groups, with the Garden for the 100s, and Rifik Island for levels 50 to 200.

Our Community Managers are also organizing new events just for you around all this, both in game and on social media.

Al Howin is going to be very sporting!

Between Events and Updates

Our team is very excited at the idea of combining events and updates, as you saw with the Crimson Dawn and as you can see in this Missive with the new Al Howin content.

But that doesn't mean that the other subjects will be neglected; we are going to keep improving other aspects of the game and continue with the lairs... among other things.

Bonta VS Brakmar: A New Brewing War?

We know you absolutely love this epic rivalry between Bontarians and Brakmarians. Following the Crimson Dawn event, we might possibly offer a new similar event around these two rival cities – with its share of rewards and advantages, of course!

We already have a few things in mind to make it all better: preventing teleportation in a rival city, using prisons, activating the alignment channel during the event, etc.

Feel free to tell us whether or not the idea appeals to you at first glance!

The DOFUS Touch Team

Those of you who've been with us the longest will have noticed that the team has been changing over time, and has even dared more and more to take initiatives that accentuate the separation from the PC version of DOFUS.

Rifik Island will be the first zone exclusive to DOFUS Touch that we offer (which explains why it is not as big as Frigost! In addition, we're stocking up on great ideas – but we'll have time to talk about them when the time comes.

And some of the staff members that you haven't yet met (or who haven't yet been hired) will be able to contribute to these ideas! The new members wanted to introduce themselves and talk about the work they do for DOFUS Touch.

Plans are in place to recruit a new server dev to help [Bob]. Until then, he'll say a little more about what he does!

[Bob], Server Developer

Hi, I'm Bob, server dev, 28, single, 5'10"…

Oops! Wrong window!

So, um, what I do at work, right… I'm the one always taking the servers offline while you're playing (heh heh heh) just to mix things up my way and give you updated servers.

In addition to updating servers, I also develop new functionalities that have to do with the servers: basically, the server takes the small bits of data you send (your character's movements, the spells you cast, etc.), runs the calculations, and sends updated data to everyone (damage caused, your position on the map, monsters' movements, etc.).

These modifications can include new spell effects, Mimisymbics, anti-bot measures, changes in professions, etc.

It is also my honor to handle rollbacks (I love them just as much as you do…), bonus XP weekends, the beta server, etc.

I've worked on DOFUS for a long time, and now I'm working on DOFUS Touch to try to code the cool features that [Yawn], the game designer, develops in secret in his basement.

When I'm not at work, I love sake, music, people, cuddles and sake o/. If you're interested, give me a call at 0606…

Oops! Sorry, I got a bit distracted!

Hugs, Bob

[Noomi], New Client Developer

Hi! I'm Noomi, the newest programmer on the team. I'm learning a lot from my new teammates on the project and from you, players! :)

Recently, I worked on correcting bugs and on some new client display functionalities such as blocking spectator mode and rotating the character in the shop. I'll keep doing my best and, as we say back home, ganbaru (my best and more than my best).

I love good stories (TV, movies, books, games)… and even the bad ones can be fun too. I love exploring new places and stumbling on surprising food. Yum yum!

[Maewin], Level Builder

Hello. My name's Maewin and I work as a level builder for DOFUS Touch. I take care of creating new maps and zones for the game. I can also rework existing maps, either to fix problems or adapt them for in-game events.

I love being able to tell stories with my maps while trying to give you the most beautiful ambiance possible.

I am delighted to work on DOFUS Touch because it lets me imagine and produce content that is different from DOFUS, the game on which I spend most of my working hours.

A huge fan of seagulls, chocolate and sci-fi fantasy universes, I'm a gamer and have long been crazy about MMORPGs. In particular, I love the idea that games can evolve and change over the years around a community of players.

So, I'm really excited to be a part of producing new content for the game alongside the DOFUS Touch team! :)


When the Community Leaves its Mark

In September, the community was also called to contribute on various subjects, allowing it to write a few lines in the DOFUS Touch story!

Discord Inspired Item

In the beginning of the month, we held a contest to draw an object in the image of the Discord social messenger and include it in the game, much like the Witter Beanie and T'Youb Cape. And today, it's up to you to select your favorite entry:


The selected object will be integrated into the game by the end of 2017. It will then be possible to win it via events on DOFUS Touch!

PVP Map Creation

On an entirely different subject, we asked the fans of PvP tournaments to help create maps on the tactical level for use with an upcoming zone reserved for in-game competitions. Here are the three winning entries:

Melee Matches


Mid-range Matches


Long-range Matches

Congratulations and thanks to xXAN3TR0TR0Xx and X-Riwatch-X for the maps! Our team reserves the right to modify these maps regarding placements and obstacles. We are currently working on three other maps for this tournament zone; it's too soon to say when it will all be ready.

That's it for this missive! As usual feel free to leave your questions, remarks and suggestions in the comments below! See you in a few days for the first update in October!