For the last time in 2017, get ready for a new missive to go over what's coming to DOFUS Touch in the next few weeks!

DOFUS Touch Is Riding High!

Several of you were concerned about the arrival of single-account servers to DOFUS and how they might affect participation in the DOFUS Touch servers. Our team was somewhat concerned as well!

In the end, we can all rest assured: The impact has been quite minimal, and DOFUS Touch has actually welcomed quite a few new players since late October! This is partly thanks to this video from Squeezie, but also thanks to the Halloween update. The servers Herdegrize and Terra Cogita have filled up to their normal rate, such that the server Oshimo has been reopened to newcomers.

Before that, the famous TouchArcade was praising the game's evolution alongside big names in mobile gaming after the release of the Astrub Rocky Inlet update.

There are various operations planned for late 2017 and 2018 to increase the game's popularity a little more, both in France and abroad.

As you've probably guessed, these last few weeks have been very good to DOFUS Touch!

Horrib Isle: Taking Stock

We'll admit, things haven't been perfect with this first exclusive area in DOFUS Touch (closing December 5th, to remind you). That's why we'd like to go further behind the scenes on this particular project!

You can also learn more about the relationship between game designer and level designer in Gamakna #4, which deals with the work involved in creating this area.

The Isle's Origins

[Yawn] and [Maewin] had already been mulling over new content that would be specific to Al Howin and exclusive to DOFUS Touch. During a coffee break in early September, the idea really resurfaced among [Yawn] and [Nyom], who then decided to share it with the rest of the team, particularly [Kokillette].

The real problem was the timing: Would we be able to produce this content in under two months? It's important to note that at this point we were working on the Crimson Dawn event, immediately followed by Me Hearty Party. Not forgetting the Astrub Rocky Inlet update, which was due for release in early October!

That's when we decided to cancel two lairs in Astrub to buy ourselves time for Horrib Isle, convinced that players would accept this sacrifice in exchange for new Al Howin content.

This decision was announced in DOFUS Touch Missive #8 in late September.


Unfortunately, various issues disrupted the release of Horrib Isle. The main reason, already alluded to, was scheduling.

Horrib Isle had to be created in a very short period (read: too little time for [Okajin], tasked with testing all the new content). We absolutely wanted to keep the Halloween date, which seemed logical, given the theme of the island. We also couldn't delay it, as this might've impacted upcoming updates as well, including the Christmas one. That also partly explains why the isle isn't larger.

To sum up, the team sort of bit off more than they could chew in their attempts to keep offering you more!

The Community Comes Through

Despite everything, we've observed that many players are happy with the new content and have been forgiving of these various issues – for which we thank them. It feels great to engage with a community like this, and we'll continue doing our best to keep you happy!

We'd like to try this again with one (or more) new areas for 2018, drawing lessons from Horrib Isle. In particular, we want to give ourselves more time for testing, even if it means postponing the update for a few days. In addition, we'd like to offer testing more regularly such as the upcoming Beta for the Kwismas update.

Kwismas: Ask For the Program!

You'll have plenty to hold you over in the meantime, with the next major update scheduled for mid-December!

Kwismas Island

The island with Father Whupper and his sadistic bunch is back for a month and a half. It's your chance to unlock loads of in-game rewards!

A new Kwismas themed set for level 199 players will make its appearance: the Father Whupper set.

Two New Lairs

Having been announced in the last missive, these two new lairs are indeed still in! They're the stage for four new bosses: Two in Eltneg Wood and two in the Crow's Domain.

What's more, you'll find what you need to craft a new level-120 set! Be aware: Unlike for the low-level lairs, you won't be able to get this set directly from bosses; they instead drop resources you'll use to craft it.

It will, however, be possible to trade this equipment with other players! Low-level lair sets were linked in order to get new players to complete the lairs, as fulfilling the lair objectives taught you how to play.

These new lairs won't lead to a change in how Lord Crow's dungeon works, because that dungeon is a labyrinth, and so functions differently from classic dungeons, with a series of rooms.

Lastly, there will be a new invasion event for you to take part in!

Anti-Attack Potion

It's been a little while since we last discussed new consumables coming up. The first one, to be included in this update, will keep you from getting attacked by monsters in the game for a period of 10 minutes.

Purchasable from the Shop with Goultines, this bonus only works in PvM and only prevents attacks initiated by monsters; the potion has no effect on quest combat, resource protectors, or PvP combat.

Change to the Crimson Dofus

Many of you complained about the reduced value of the Crimson Dofus after the release of "Powerful" trophies with the Al Howin update, and rightly so! This egg will therefore be changed in the next major update.

In fact, we have been considering various changes to the Dofus for a little while now, in terms of their bonuses, as well as how easily some of them can be obtained.

This is a project we'd like to spread out over the course of 2018; you'll learn more in due time! Know that we would like to change the way you receive them aside from quests.

Lairs and Mystery Boxes: Trading in Duplicates

We promised you a solution about not being able to exchange duplicates of equipment received from lairs or Mystery Boxes from the Shop. Well, we've made a lot of progress on that front, as you'll get to see when the Kwismas update arrives.

First of all, the character Chaga Lachance will let you exchange duplicates of lair equipment to other pieces of the same set. He'll be waiting for you in the old Krosmaster House at [5, 3] which has been updated for the occasion.

As for duplicates from Mystery Boxes, we need to consider that a little more closely to make sure you get the best possible deal out of it. We'll tell you more when the time comes!

Event Rewards

In September, we introduced a new concept to do with prizes given out during events: reward chests.

After taking a step back following an unsatisfying experience with the Me Hearty Party event, we'd like to try a new solution. The first part of this solution will be released for the next event scheduled for January.

The ultimate goal is to have an NPC on the most frequently-visited maps, who would appear whenever a new event begins. You would receive a quest for the event (kill such and such boss or so many monsters, for example), and after completing it, you would instantly unlock the reward.

This system seems simpler for everyone to understand, and more consistent with the roleplaying aspect.

Plus, having this NPC is a more effective way to advertise the event!

What Else?

We've mentioned the main one, but other nice changes are planned for this update as well. As usual, all the details will be on the official website on the big day!

What About 2018?


The schedule isn't final just yet, and we don't want to make any promises we might be unable to keep.

We'll have more to tell you in DOFUS Touch Missive #10 in early 2018; rest assured, there'll be something for everybody!

Tot and Kam are on a Plane

Tot and Kam headed to Wizcorp midway through November to take stock of the project and discuss the infamous schedule to come.

The two founders of Ankama are quite happy with the results of DOFUS Touch and the direction it's taking, and they're fine with the team continuing to grow bit by bit! A new recruit who will work alongside [Nyom] will be presented to you in December. That means all systems are go for 2018.

We also want to take this opportunity to announce that [Okajin], our tester, will be doing the opposite as he will be leaving Ankama at the end of December. We will find a replacement for him as soon as possible, but it does not mean that his departure does not make us cry! Do not hesitate to leave him a farewell message on the DOFUS Touch Discord and thank him for everything, it will make him smile.


As promised, the PvP tournament area is progressing swimmingly thanks to the amazing work of [Maewin], who is designing the maps as we speak. You won't be disappointed! Since you've been good, here's a little spoiler.

Pretty sweet, huh?

As announced during the map creation contest, [Yawn] has taken the liberty of modifying certain cards proposed by the community while trying to preserve the original idea as much as possible.

As a reminder, no less than 14 other maps will be available in this new area. Namely one map per class (did you guess it right?). We can't wait to put on tournaments there! See you in the next issue of Gamakna to know more.

And we've reached the end of this latest missive! Feel free to react in the comments below this article, on social media, or on our official Discord channel.

See you in a few days for the Kwismas update!