Below, you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about everything DOFUS Touch. This list will be kept up to date regularly!

Current Questions

When will the interface be adapted for the iPhone X?

It is on our schedule, but these things take time. The iPhone X has forced us to update part of the code, as well as requiring our machines to adjust to the format. This takes some time, and can lead to undesirable effects that must be anticipated. In any case, we've heard you!

General Questions

When will a new server be opened?

Although we understand the interest and enthusiasm that opening a new server may lead to, we do not find this relevant for the long term. This would not only lead to the existing servers becoming depopulated, but would also put Ankama and the community in an undesirable situation.

Is a Heroic Server (permanent death of characters) planned to be opened, like in DOFUS PC?

No, for the above reasons, but also because it would represent too great a workload to be something sufficiently efficient and reliable at this time, to the detriment of the rest of the game. The permanent death of characters leaves no room for error – for both players and staff!

When will you merge the servers (for example Grandapan and Dodge)?

We cannot merge servers at the moment due to technical limitations of our tools.

Will there be new classes in DOFUS Touch?

This is not planned at the present time, even though we're thinking about it!

What about the Class Revamps that have been performed in DOFUS PC?

These revamps are not planned for DOFUS Touch. However, some existing spells may be balanced in future updates.

Speaking of revamps, what about the Professions?

Although this revamp – done in DOFUS PC – at first seemed very interesting to us in terms of adaptation for mobile devices, we ended up abandoning the idea because the project would have monopolized the whole team for several weeks, or even several months.

When will the Class Change Potion be available?

In 2017, we confirmed that we wanted to integrate this potion into the Shop. We know that many players are looking forward to it, which is why we looked into the workload it represented, only to realize that we cannot achieve it at the present time. We are as disappointed as you about this news.

Before integrating the Class Change Potion, it is necessary to:

  • Rebuild the characteristic point system (at present, the game cannot tell the difference between natural points and ones acquired through scrolls);
  • Standardize each class's characteristic point levels, implying the need to:
    • Review class spells' damage and change the levels concurrently,
    • Review spells' critical hit rates, and
    • Review critical hit damage and change the rate of critical hits concurrently; and
  • Change many items of equipment in terms of their requirements and damage.

It should be remembered that we cannot build on the work done in DOFUS PC, since these changes were made well after the version of it that DOFUS Touch is derived from: The spells were not the same at that time.

All this, plus the potion itself, would mean several months' work for the entire team, full time. We would not be able to work on anything else during that time. It would be a very bad strategic choice for the game right now.

Will it someday be possible to transfer a character from one server to another?

This service is not currently on our schedule, but we may look into it one day.

Are there any plans to implement the DOFUS PC Sidekick System or the WAKFU Hero System?

No, nothing is planned for the moment, but we had already first thought about this in 2017.

When will there be an in-game Group Search Feature for dungeons?

Same answer as above!

Have you thought about implementing Treasure Hunts?

Yes! However, the DOFUS system is not at all adapted to the mobile format. We are therefore looking at various possibilities better adapted to DOFUS Touch. Maybe we will perform some tests during upcoming major updates!

Do you plan on introducing new areas from DOFUS PC: the Divine Dimensions, Mishell, etc.?

No, when it comes to adding areas, we plan on producing some brand new ones such as Horrib Isle

Could You Reintroduce Tracking (1v1 PvP)?

No, there are no plans to implement it. For more details please see this post.

What About the 1v1 Kolossium, in that case?

This is kind of the same answer as for the Class Change Potion: It's something that we would really like to implement, but that would be detrimental to far too many things right now.

Why not create your own PC version or allow modified clients and emulators?

Simply because DOFUS Touch is designed uniquely for mobile devices, which is a choice made by Ankama! A PC version is already available: DOFUS.

As for modified clients, they cause substantial in-game imbalances and are simply not reliable; nothing prevents their developers from retrieving your login details.

Are you planning an in-game Voice Chat System?

While we correctly understand the interest of such a system, it is not planned for now. However, other applications may be useful in this area in order to communicate with your friends (and the staff!), such as Discord. DOFUS Touch has its own dedicated server here.

When can you provide a Spanish translation for the website news?

We are aware of the request of Brutas players for a Spanish translation of our various communications, that is why we are currently looking for a Spanish Community Manager. If you are interested for this position, you can apply here. Once we have filled this position, we can provide Spanish texts.


Updated as of 5 February 2018. Questions are sorted from newest to oldest.