The first major update for 2018 is online! Discover new content, improvements and various fixes!

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New Mini Content

A breach has appeared in Amakna, and strange creatures are trying to use the World of Twelve.

  • A new level 170 sub-are is available in the heart of the Milicluster; and maps have been modified to reflect this.
  • Three new monsters can be encountered there.
  • A new level 172 set is available.
  • A multilevel quest (level 20 to 200) is available.

The second part of this content will be added later.


  • Inventory has been optimized to be more intuitive.
    • Filters used are displayed as "tags" at the top of the inventory.
    • Filter icons have been modified.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop Eniripsa Powders to mounts.
  • You can again drag and drop items in the inventory.


  • You can now use the Marketplace in a house and in an underground paddock.
  • To facilitate guild recruitment and searching for others to play with, the recruitment channel (/r) is now the only one for all of the World of Twelve. We will watch its activity closely over the next few days to ensure there are not too many messages.
  • You can no longer place a Prism in the arenas of Bonta and Brakmar.
  • Captchas no longer block chat and instant messages during fights.
  • The display bug (double head) when you climb onto a petsmount has been fixed.
  • The description and name of the Pandawa spell "Chamrak" have been fixed.
  • A new title is associated with the Ambuckler, the shield obtained during the event "A Very Interesting Visit".
  • The Community Helper ring is now linked to the account, not to the character.
  • The "Sidimote Warrior" ornament now displays correctly above the character.
  • Various fixes have been made to several maps in the World of Twelve.
  • When you choose a random name for your character, you will not receive a name that has already been taken.
  • The Limbo Wand is unequipped after using a Magical Orb.
  • The stats of the Cheekrescent bow has been decreased to make it at par with level 10 items.
  • The greater guardians of the Trool Lairs are now visible on the map after fighting them.
  • Some spell descriptions in English have been corrected.


Kamas earned from Wanted Notices have been replaced by doploons. Contrary to what we announced in Missive #10, we have decided to push the Almanax modifications back to later this year and focus on changes to Wanted Notices instead. Although Wanted Notices are "only" the second biggest source of kama generation, we thought it was important to make almokens more interesting first, before changing the rest of the Almanax reward system.

This is why you can now buy Tourmalines from the NPC Xanamla with this update, which you can then use to craft various items. Other recipes will be added to the list with future updates.

PvP Restrictions


To balance the PvP aspect of the game, we decided to limit PvP combat to a maximum of two accounts per fight. Therefore, you will not be able to use more than two characters in the same fight in the following situations:

  • in the Kolossium;
  • when attacking and defending Perceptors;
  • when attacking and defending Prisms;
  • in alignment battles; and
  • in AvA battles.

Players who try to circumvent these restrictions in any way will be banned. Find out more.

Inter-Server Tournament: The Abyss Joust


This update required a lot of working "undetected" to implement the tournament server and its various features. It's now available to only a select few for testing, it is not yet available to the general public.

For the first official DOFUS Touch tournament, the " Abyss Joust ", we will have the following features:

  • Tournament Mode: You will not see opponents during the preparation phase.
  • Pause: Referees are now able to "pause" fights if required.

To learn more about the Abyss Joust, click here !
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Hall of the Valiant


A new area for PvP tournaments will be available by the end of March: the "Hall of the Valiant". It can be accessed from the Kolossium at [13, -29] ​​when it's available, and you will be able to organize your own competitions. Find out more about organizing PvP events . This area is also where we'll be organizing inter-server tournaments on the "Tournament" server.

  • A new quest will be available in this area and will follow the first breach quest.
  • This area will include three new PvP arenas: the Sacrier Arena (close combat), the Sadida Arena (medium range), and the Eniripsa Arena (long range).

We have taken the opportunity to implement a few fixed to existing arenas:

  • The Rogue Arena checkerboard is now more pronounced.
  • Glowing effects in the Iop Arena and Rogue Arena have been optimized.