Finishing off your opponents is good. Doing it with the style of Carla Garfield? That's even better! Participate in the skin contest organized by our partner JeuxOnLine for a chance to score awesome prizes.

Over the last several days, many of you have been setting up your team, strategy, equipment, etc. to answer the call of the god Iop and enter the Abyss Joust arenas.

But you seem to have missed a major aspect: your character's charisma! Think of all the spectators and legendary heroes from the Hall of the Valiant who'll be there to admire your deeds… Don't you want to blow them away?

Between now and May 6 11:59 PM CEST, enter the JOL skin contest to try and win new in-game prizes (petsmounts, emotes, ornaments, sets, etc.).* 

Visit the JOL website below to find out more and participate.

So go on and be creative!


i want to participate

Players not participating in the Abyss Joust can still enter the skin contest.