The month of Frauguctor has been very eventful this year. The summer season, generally reserved exclusively for swimming and sipping cocktails along the docks of Halcyon Harbour, has been struck by strange events upsetting life as usual in the World of Twelve. History has repeated itself, and Osamodas himself seems to have intervened…

Vulkania, Crocabulia et les Parias



Zike Thorn was an adventurer, explorer, and researcher who feared no one and nothing. In the shadows, he earned recognition. He ultimately founded a clan, which he named Balgramr, whose goal was not at first clear.

Over the years, Zike Thorn and his clan's plans slowly came to light. The only members of his family to have survived a grim fate during the Dreggon Village tragedy, Balgramr's plans were clearly identifiable.
They were thirsty for revenge and wanted to seize the dragons' power thanks to their blood, whose magical properties are still unknown to this day.

Over the course of a decade, Zike recruited thousands to his cause, from all walks of life, driven by different things. But when it came to ultimate goals, they all shared the same intentions. Disciples of Cra, Feca, Sram, and even Iop, they drew no distinctions among themselves.

That year was the one they had chosen to put their final plan into motion and annihilate three dragons, nothing more, nothing less. Grozilla's, Grasmera's and their mother Crocabulia's hour had come.

Their last mission was to investigate the different monsters associated with the three dragons. The Dreggons, Sauroshells, and Crocodyls were thus their main targets. The most battle-hardened warriors headed out on a perilous expedition. Zike, accompanied by Regrinn, headed to Grozilla and Grasmera's den to get valuable elements. At the same time, Darvis, a disciple of Feca, was sent on a mission to the Dreggons' Sanctuary to investigate Crocabulia.

All three fell victim to a betrayal that led them to a somber fate, a betrayal orchestrated by the clan's right hand. Zike Thorn alone survived the masquerade. Realizing in the nick of time that he'd fallen into a trap, he managed to reverse the situation and locked his faithful right hand in the den. Once a rogue, always a rogue…

Concerned about his companion's fate, he visited the spots where they were supposed to investigate. Unsurprisingly, he found nothing except signs of a struggle. Nothing, or next to nothing. A letter, written in his Cra friend's ancestral language, was found on site. His friend had attempted – alas, in vain! – to warn the others.

Mad with rage, Zike Thorn sent out one last call. He wanted revenge. And to get it, he called on adventurers to annihilate Dreggons and Sauroshells in order to subjugate them.

But the gods are never far from the events of this world… Osamodas heard his creatures' cries of pain and allowed Grozilla and Grasmera back into Crocabulia's company in order to put an end to the actions of the last surviving Balgramr.

The surviver, determined to go all the way, faced the three dragons in a fight of exceptional violence. Alas, alone, there was nothing he could do…

When the first adventurers, alerted by the cries and shaking, arrived on site, it was already over. There was no sign of the dragons, nor of Zike Thorn. No sign, or almost none. Scales were embedded in the rock. Some say that those scales can summon Grozilla, Grasmera, and Crocabulia…

And if the rumors are to be believed, Miss Engere* has managed to get her hands on them, but no one knows how.

* You can find Miss Engere at the Astrub Zaap, the Amakna Village Zaap, the Temple of Scriptures Zaap, or at the Bontarian or Brakmarian Militias.