Haven't heard of the famous "cannonball shooting match"? Normal. It's reserved for the greatest cannoneers in the World of Twelve! But this year, it's all gone awry and your help is needed!

The "cannonball shooting match" qualifiers take place all year round, leading up to the grand finale in Cania Bay, deep inside an isolated cove. The goal is simple – shoot cannonballs as far as possible! Which pirate will win?

Buck Anear, 30 times champion in his lifetime (and a good 50 or so times champion from Davy Jones's locker), will be accompanied this year by Gourlo the Terrible and the infamous Captain LeChouque.

In recent years these salty sea dogs have conducted their contest in the privacy of the cove, turning their cannons on only unlucky sea Snappers, but this year they've decided to rip it up in Cania Bay. Can we let that go by unpunished? Of course not! Their cannons have already caused enough trouble on land, and you must put an end to this explosive contest!

So, screw your courage to the sticking place, keep an eye on the sky, and head to Cania Bay immediately to teach those troublemakers a lesson. Your efforts will be rewarded!

Event Details

From today through September 25 (end of maintenance), head to the western coast of Cania to face off against Gourlo the Terrible, LeChouque, and Buck Anear in a single fight!

Useful Tips:

  • This group of monsters does not give any classic drops, kamas or XP.
  • The group cannot be captured.
  • The group does not unlock any achievements.


Defeating the terrible trio wins you:

  • the Boo Caneer shield
  • the Pirate Captain set that, once equipped, unlocks the title: "Picaroon-y-toon".

But wait, there's more!

You'll also have a chance of getting, with a little luck, Ol' John's Troma from these three troublemakers. Once equipped, and only until September 31, it will allow you to:

  • unlock two emotes,
  • unlock a title, and
  • change some of your character's dialogues.

During the same time period, make the most of the infamous Pirate Pack and its exclusive items, available from the Shop.

Anchors away, you freshwater dogs!