Spell Balancing, Class Change Potion, along with various improvements and fixes can be discovered in our September update!


Class Change Potion

Tired of your character? Do you want to explore new horizons and discover a new class without starting from scratch?

  • This service includes a sex, face, and color change.
  • By changing class, your character's stats will be reset and you will keep any additional points.
  • Your character's spell points will be reset, except for any additional points.
  • Professions, as well as all achievements and quests (except for class quests) will be kept.
  • The class change will be mandatory the next time you log in with your character.
  • Obviously, you cannot join the class you already belong to.

The Class Change Potion will be available in the Prestige section of the Shop soon.

Differentiation of Stats

Natural points (gained with each level) and additional stats (gained using scrolls or other consumables) are now set apart!

This change will allow players to use their additional points gradually while investing their natural points concurrently (the aim being not to force players to invest all their additional points before using their natural points).

This will, at the same time, make stat resets easier (using Magical Orbs, Doploons, Otomai's quests, etc.) while keeping all additional points.

For this update, in order to continue your adventure, you must reallocate your natural and additional points, as well as certain spell points.


  • States now disappear correctly when their casters are killed. For example, the Weakened state disappears from the target when the Pandawasta is killed.
  • Characters no longer find themselves stuck when surrounded by glyphs.
  • When moving, characters now avoid their own traps automatically, even when they are in the Invisible state.
  • When the monster Stapleworm uses its spell Pik A Slow, the player is no longer debuffed.


  • In the monster group interface, as well as in the combat timeline, bosses are now highlighted by both a new icon and color.
  • Before starting a PvM fight, it is now possible to look at the make-up of the monster group in the bestiary.
  • When opening the bestiary, the monsters in the player's area are now displayed by default.
  • On all mobile devices, it is once again possible to double-tap the shortcut bar to use an item.
  • On all mobile devices, the purchase with kamas button is correctly accessible in the store.


  • Dead to the Worm 
    • It is no longer necessary to have the follower character in order to talk to the god Iop.
    • The bag's visibility, necessary to complete the quest, has been improved.
  • A Stubby First Impression
    • A correction has been applied so the follower character will no longer be prematurely lost during the quest.
  • Death Is Hard, but Not as Hard as a Stone
    • At the end of the quest, the player is now teleported to the right map.


  • The Cannonballs Ahoy event has started! Learn more.
  • The NPC Pistachio of the Vulkania, Crocabulia, and the Outcasts event makes his appearance.
  • Dragoturkey archmonsters no longer find themselves stuck in [-20,9].
  • The interaction problems in Lhambadda Manor have been corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to get around equipment restrictions with your favorite bonuses.
  • Alignment shields are no longer necessary to get the full bonuses for the sets concerned.
  • Certain scrolls have been renamed in order to limit scams.
  • The expression "GG" is no longer censored in the in-game chat.
  • The Gobtubby Improvement Potion now works correctly.
  • Various maps in the World of Twelve have been corrected.


  • Services to change an alliance's emblem and name are now available.
  • Confirmation is now required to use the Shop's services.

Artwork and Animations

  • The T'Youb Cloak skin has been modified. See the new version.
  • The hat from the Pirate Captain Set has been corrected; it was significantly too large.
  • In contrast, the Bonta and Brakmar shields have been enlarged.
  • The Ourobubble Cape is now displayed correctly.
  • The Ava Taroun Cape is now displayed correctly.
  • The colors of the Draeggosaure Set have been corrected.
  • The NPC Elya Wood is now displayed correctly.

Spell Balancing

The spell balance has been adjusted to get ready for and ensure the future of the game, whether for new PvM or PvP content, upcoming tournaments, fairness in the game, or based on the current context. Note that other balance adjustments will be made later.

Following these balance adjustments, all your characters' stats have been reset. Furthermore, the points of all spells affected by a major change have also been reset.

  • The Tree of Life spell has been replaced by a new Summons, the Groute. Replaces the targeted doll with a controllable tree that can selectively:
    • push a target
    • heal in an area of effect (3 cells around itself)
    • shorten the length of bewitchments

            At the end of its turn, it disappears and heals any of its owner's dolls on the battlefield.

  • Spiritual Leash: The leash will now apply a 25% resistance penalty to allies as long as the revived target is alive.
  • Toad: Can no longer be cast on a revived target.
  • Natural Defence: Can no longer be cast on a revived target.

  • Bribery: The spell can no longer be cast on the first turn.

  • Precipitation: The spell can no longer be cast on the first turn.
  • Intimidation: The number of casts per turn is now 3 at spell level 6. The number of casts per target is now 2 per turn at spell level 6.

  • Truce: Will now apply the Pacifist state to its caster on the turn after being cast. This state prevents the caster from inflicting damage (whatever the source), such that they can no longer sidestep this spell's limitations by casting it at the end of the turn. It will, however, disappear at the end of the turn.
  • Fraction is now Ataraxia. Will apply a shield that reduces the damage inflicted by the next attack to zero before disappearing.
  • Spell Rebound is now Barricade. Reduces all close-combat damage suffered for 1 turn, and increases the target's MP if they suffer ranged damage.
  • Immunity is now Bastion. Reduces all ranged damage suffered. Increases the target's Power if they suffer close-combat damage.
  • Glyphs: Fecas' glyphs no longer inflict damage on allies when these allies are inside the glyphs (Flaming, Aggressive, and Repulsion).
  • The Natural Attack spell now steals Intelligence from the target at all spell levels for 3 turns.
  • The Bubble spell now steals Range from the target at all spell levels for 1 turn.

Feca spells seemed to be a priority for us because they were of limited strategic interest and they were also the source of many abuses. We chose to replace them with more situational spells in order to give the class and its gameplay more depth.

  • Reflex: The erosion value applied is now 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15% at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively. Its range is now 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 instead of 3. Damage has been reduced at all spell levels.
  • Rough Tongue: Inflicts Fire damage on enemies.
    • On an enemy: Reduces range for the current turn, but increases it on the following turn.
    • On an ally: Increases range for the current turn, but reduces it on the following turn.

  • Coward Mask: The Dodge bonus has been replaced by an MP bonus. Adjacenet allies will also receive the bonus.
  • Plastron: The shield applied by the spell is now 18% (22% in CH) instead of 20% (24% in CH) at all spell levels.

  • Slow Down: The spell now costs 2 AP to cast and inflicts Water damage.
  • Haziness: The spell now removes 2 undodgeable AP from all targets in its area of effect for 1 turn. All targets affected will recover 2 AP on the following turn.
  • The resistance penalty upon removing AP applied by the Loss of Motivation spell is increased at all spell levels. The duration of the penalty's effect is reduced correspondingly.
  • Xelor's Dial now inflicts Air damage in an area of effect around it at the start of the turn.
  • The Homing Hand spell has been replaced with the Cog spell, which inflicts Earth damage and gives the caster 1 AP on the following turn.

We want to offer different roles for Xelor so it can find its niche in PvM and PvP despite its AP removal being reduced.

  • Bombs: Their health is now 25% of the caster's HP (up from 20%).
  • Boombot: The spell can no longer be cast on the first turn.
  • Extraction: The spell no longer has a minimum Range. Damage has been increased at all spell levels.

  • Tricky Trap is now a 1-cell cross trap. Once triggered, it draws any targets on the trap toward its center. Inflicts Fire damage.
  • The recast time for the Invisibility and Invisibility of Others spells is now a comprehensive recast time. We thought the combined advantage that Invisibility and Invisibility of Others provided when there were multiple Srams on the same team was too great, both in PvM and PvP. This was particularly the case with the emphasis on Srams' network gameplay potential due to the modification of the Tricky Trap.

The use of Invisibility when several Srams are present seemed too advantageous in both PVM and in PVP, add to that the potential synergies that can be done with the changes to Tricky Trap. 

  • The Power bonus provided by the Mot Olov spell has been reduced at all spell levels.
  • The Word of Thorn spell has been replaced by Selective Word. It inflicts Water Damage in a 2-cell cross and applies a shield to allies in the area of effect, only if the caster is not in the Altruistic state.
  • Damage from the Vampyric Word spell has been reduced at spell levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The Eniripsa is unusually powerful at low and medium levels with Mot Olov and Vampiric Word. The class offered only one water damage spell whose damage was much too high. We chose to remove Word of Thorn that no longer seemed interesting, and replaced it with a spell bringing both a new source of water damage and a spell not related to intelligence.


Following the spell adjustments, certain items of class equipment have been modified so that their bonuses are consistent with the new spells and effects:
  • the Memo Ring adds 2 Range to the Ataraxia spell
  • the Relief Boots reduce the recast time for the Bastion spell by 2
  • the Zinda Hood reduced the recast time for the Barricade spell by 2
  • the Belt Sterous increases CH from the Reflex spell by 30


Ecaflip Dopple
  • The Dopplesque Rough Tongue spell has been updated with new effects.
  • The Dopplesque Reflex spell has been updated with new effects.

Eniripsa Dopple
  • The Dopplesque Selective Word has been updated with the new effects.
  • The Dopplesque Vampyric Word has been updated with the new damage values.

Feca Dopple
  • The Dopplesque Spell Rebound has been replaced by Dopplesque Barricade.
  • The Dopplesque Immunity has been replaced by Dopplesque Fortification.

Rogue Dopple
  • The Dopplesque Extraction has been updated with new effects.

Xelor Dopple
  • The Dopplesque Slow Down has been updated with the new effects.
  • The Dopplesque Hand has been replaced by Cog.
  • The Dopplesque Xelor Dial's summon now has the same spells as its counterpart.