Because DOFUS Touch isn't just about PvP, we want to offer those of you who are passionate about Smithmagic a challenge! Discover the Imperial Virtuoso contest right now.

What Is Smithmagic?

Before getting started, let's have a proper look at Smithmagic!

When a character reaches level 65 in a weapon- or equipment-crafting profession, they have the possibility of learning a specialization for their profession: Smithmagic. This specialization can be learned from the NPC Hel Munster in the Treechnid Forest Smithmagic Workshop. Once the skill has been learned, the player must increase its level to improve its effectiveness, like for any other profession.

Discover the full Smithmagic guide on

The Imperial Virtuoso Contest

Today, we're going to offer a new kind of competition focused on this famous Smithmagic!


The contest will take place on the inter-server Tournament Server and will unfold in two steps. For this first edition, it will host up to 200 players who will be the only ones able to access the server. Each participant will have unlimited runes and the necessary level-100 mage professions.

Qualification stage: from Wednesday, November 21 to Tuesday, November 27.

This step will make it possible to separate all players and select the best Smithmagi for the final stage, to the tune of 10% of the number of participants (i.e. 20 selected from among 200 participants, 18 from 180, etc.).

To qualify during this stage, the aim will be to achieve the most perfect stats possible on the Age-Old Belt with a mandatory exo of 3% Earth Resistance. Each participant will have a single Age-Old Belt with the same starting stats for everyone.

Your score will be calculated by adding up the total points of all stats that make up the item. For example, 49/50 Wisdom will earn you 147 points out of 150 potential points.

Here is an imaginary entry illustrating how the score is determined:
  • 3% Earth Resistance
  • 350/350 Vitality: 87.5 points
  • 76/80 Intelligence: 76 points
  • 38/40 Agility: 38 points
  • 49/50 Wisdom: 147 points
  • 7/7 Critical: 210 points
  • 7/10 Heals: 140 points
  • 1/1 Range: 51 points
  • 290/300 Initiative: 29 points
  • 10/10 Fire Damage: 50 points
  • 10/10% Air Resistance: 60 points
  • 13/15 Dodge: 52 points
  • 14/15 Critical Damage: 70 points

Please note:
  • Stat lines with totals higher than the theoretical maximum do not earn you extra points. This way, a stat of 82/80 Intelligence earns you 80 points, not 82.
  • Earth Resistance runes and any other runes not present on the item by default do not earn you extra points.

Perfection will probably be impossible, so your aim is to achieve a work of sufficient quality to grab you the best spot in the ranking!

Final stage: from Tuesday, December 4 to Tuesday, December 11.

This step will serve as the final stage. At the end of it, the three best Smithmagi will be handsomely rewarded! To that end, the 10% of candidates selected during the previous stage will have to face a tougher challenge.

The aim will be to reach precise stats (or at least as close as possible!) on three items that will be announced after the qualification stage.


More fully, here is the schedule for the Imperial Virtuoso Contest:
  • Registration via a new article on the official website from 2:00 PM (Paris time) on Thursday, November 15 until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on Sunday, November 18.
  • Qualification stage from November 21 to 27.
  • Final stage from December 4 to 11.

The first 200 players registered will be selected for the contest. Make sure you have the proper level in Smithmagic before thinking about trying it, because standards will be high!


For the 10% of players who get through the qualification stage:
  • a "Talented Smithmagus" title scroll.

At the end of the final stage:

1st Place
  • the Imperial Virtuoso Shield, which unlocks the "Imperial Virtuoso" title once equipped;
  • 20,000 Goultines;
  • a pet Gerbean;
  • a 3-month Bonus Pack.

2nd Place
  • the Imperial Virtuoso Shield, which unlocks the "Imperial Virtuoso" title once equipped;
  • 10,000 Goultines;
  • a pet Gerbean;
  • a 2-month Bonus Pack.

3rd Place
  • the Imperial Virtuoso Shield, which unlocks the "Imperial Virtuoso" title once equipped;
  • 5,000 goultines;
  • a pet Gerbean;
  • a 1-month Bonus Pack.

Contest Discord

Do you still have questions or comments about the contest? Don't hesitate to join the dedicated Imperial Virtuoso Discord channel!


We would (already!) like to thank the players who took part in the dedicated workshop on the forum, as well as Seigneur-Fou, staff member from our friends at JeuxOnLine! He's a passionate player who's an expert in the field of Smithmagic and is really helping us organize this contest.

Join us on November 15 when registration opens!