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After weeks of exciting teasers, the end-of-year update is finally available on the "DOFUS Touch Early" beta app! Check out the complete changelog for the beta below.

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What You Need to Know

The open beta for the end-of-year update is now available!

To access it:
  • If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
  • With Google, you'll need to use this link on your mobile device to access it.

The beta NPC is available as usual on the map [-2,0] so you can buy some of the update's new equipment and resources at bargain prices.

This time, we decided to use the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game again. Feedback can be given there or in this section of the official forum. There is no need to report the same issues on both Discord and the forum.

No rewards are planned, but you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the project's development.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues, as the point is to correct them before the official update!

Let the Ascent Begin

A new zone is available northwest of Otomai Island: Orado Island! Next to this, you'll find Ascension Island, the new competitive PvM feature for players levels 100 to 200.

Access to this new zone is granted through a quest available from the NPC Talok at [-33, -11].

Orado Island

The Bayou, Level 100

  • This zone will offer you the following new additions:
  • 1 family of 4 monsters
  • 1 level-120 set
  • 7 quests (including the access quest)
  • 3 achievements
  • 1 meat for the hunter profession

The Beach, Level 170

This zone is a continuation on from the worm rifts – just like those already available in the Milicluster or the Stubbyob zone.

Ascension Island

Ascension Island is a large, competitive, 50-story dungeon for players at levels 100 to 200, and available in Classic mode or Nightmare mode. Climb as many floors as possible to reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard and earn maximum rewards!

Note: Not all of this new dungeon's features are available in the beta yet.

As well as the feature itself, the island will give you a chance to discover the following new additions:
  • 1 level-150 set
  • 1 level-170 set
  • 3 level-200 sets
  • 4 level-200 weapons
  • 1 level-200 headgear
  • 9 achievements
  • 1 quest
  • 10 ornaments
  • 1 title
  • 1 Dofus
  • 3 consumables specific to Ascension Island, which can be made by crafters

Check out the following devblog to learn more.

Devblog Feedback

Following your feedback, changes have been made to the feature. Others may follow in the days and weeks to come, so continue to give us a lot of constructive feedback, especially after your tests on the beta!

The multiple account restriction that is already applied for PvP combat is now in place for Ascension Island. Each player will be able to use only two accounts in the same fight.

Permanent and rotation-specific titles have been added for all players who will reach at least Crystal rank.

It's Kwismas Again!

Until January 29, 2019, enjoy the famous Kwismas Island by taking Hector Kwismas' boat, located at [8,-6]! This magical isle features a wide range of content, including:
  • 3 areas of different levels, with 3 Kwismas dungeons and achievements to unlock
  • Kwismas-themed rewards, such as the Slayhound petsmount
  • Gifts that drop from the island's various monsters
  • A community quest, including the mysterious Slab Room
  • New daily or one-time quests
  • A Kwismas Dragoturkey
  • The level-199 Father Whupper set
  • You might also cross paths with the terrifying Kwismas Minotoball, who will give you a shield and an exclusive title if you manage to defeat him.

A few popular spots have been decorated for Kwismas.

Achievement Rewards for Dungeons

All rewards gained through dungeon achievements have been reduced.

The reason for this change is to limit the over-generation of these resources and thus make them more valuable. These changes have been made as part of our (major) efforts to improve the overall economy of the game.

Back to Square One

Following a defeat in a dungeon, you will now be automatically teleported in front of the entrance (and no longer to your favorite Zaap).


  • The worldmap has been modified to display the new areas.
  • During combat, damage status are now displayed in chat after the message "Player X attacks with weapon Y".
  • Players within the same group are now sorted according to their Initiative. If the Initiative of one or more members of the group evolves, the display is updated accordingly.
  • Clicking on a player's follower character no longer opens the merchant mode pop-up menu.
  • The XP preview on a group of monsters now displays correctly when you tap and hold on the group in question.
  • In the Beginners channel, the stars in front of community helpers' names have been replaced by the word "Helper".
  • In the same channel, the new "/helper" command allows you to view all community helpers currently online.


  • The dungeon in the Stubbyobs zone has reopened.
  • Two new quest achievements are available: one for completing 800 quests, and another for completing 900 quests.
  • In order to be more coherent with the new equipments as well as those already in game, the characteristics of the Troolerance set have been modified.
  • In the tutorial, the NPC Joris now introduces new players to the "Beginners" channel.
  • You can now close all of Joris' dialogs during fights in Incarnam.
  • You can now close all of the NPC Mary Kwismas's dialogs in [4,0] without getting a marker on the world map.
  • The December 18 Almanax is now functional in all game zones.
  • Visual and interaction fixes were made to various maps of the World of Twelve.
  • Spelling and translation corrections have also been made.
  • The monster Sharcut can now be captured with Soul Stones.