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For 6 days, climb to the top of Ascension Island on the beta version and try to win rewards on your classic servers!

While the beta is currently opened, we would like to warm up the atmosphere around the volcano on Ascension Island even more! And for that, nothing like an event that will challenge you.

If you do not understand what we are talking about, it's time to read the devblog dedicated to the new end-of-the-year PvM feature!

The concept

From now until Sunday December 9 at 23:59 CET, everyone who completes the classic dungeon of Ascension Island (the first 50 floors) on the beta will win the Mountaineer's Diadem . This will be distributed on your classic server a few weeks after the end of the contest.

The beta server will be cut temporarily at the end of this contest.

But that's not all !

Players in the Top 3 at the end of the contest will also receive Shushetoken which will be distributed to them on their classic servers.

Top 1: 150 Shushetokens (per player if tied)

Top 2: 125 Shushetokens (same)

Top 3: 100 Shushetokens (same)

What Happens if Multiple Players Draw?

If two players draw, the first one who got the score will be placed ahead. Therefore, it is worth starting your ascension early to guarantee yourself the best possible place in the event of a draw.

If we have a draw in both score and time, such as if the players were on the same team, they will all be at the same rank. This way, if you are one of the best players in the world, you will be rewarded with winning first place.

To access beta:

  • If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
  • With Google, you'll need to use this link on your mobile device to access it.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues, the idea is to get some feedback from you in order for them to be fixed before the official update.

Feedback can be given one the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game or in this section of the official forum. There is no need to report the same issues on both Discord and the forum.

Good luck !