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Just over a week after the launch of Update 1.37, we want to discuss a few points with you about the new PvM feature.

The advantage of this new feature is that it can only be improved over rotations, every 2 months to be exact! Regarding the current rotation, we will do our best to solve the issues experienced, some of which are mentioned below.

We already have several ideas on how to improve the next rotation, which takes place on February 2019. Here is a small summary of our plans!

Multiple Accounts

We discovered that the multi-account restriction was not in place for Ascension Island. The restriction has been put in place as of December 19th's maintenance, but the damage has been done. It is difficult to distinguish players who have voluntarily used three accounts knowing that this should be blocked, and those who have done so unintentionally.

Nevertheless, we will know those that have abused the restriction and they will be heavily sanctioned as well as being excluded in the ladder rankings. 

As a reminder, each player has the right to use a maximum of two accounts for Ascension Island.

The Ladder Rankings

The ladder rankings will be available soon directly in-game via the Ascension Island interface and then on the official DOFUS Touch website. In the meantime, here are the rankings as of 19 December.

The "Retry" Button

After studying your feedback about the retry button that pops-up after a defeat, it will soon be adjusted as follows:

  • Modification of its interface to make it clear what it is
  • The button will only appear after all the others (end of combat, resurrection near a phoenix)

This is only a first step and we are studying other options!

Difficulty of Finding Partners

The system of improving the score which also restricts power-leveling, for us seems too restrictive and prevents the players to find suitable partners to advance in the dungeon.

We are studying different possibilities to improve this. If you have any suggestions, it's time to leave a comment below!


Scaling is the technical aspect of the dungeon that assigns statistics to each monster according to the floor in which it is located.

This does not work correctly for summons. Despite initial adjustments, they are still too powerful and we want to improve this.

Another avenue being contemplated on would be to smoothen the difficulty even more. The feature wants to be open from level 100, but on the field, the climb is difficult if the players are not level 200 and not well equipped. The goal is for players not to be blocked and discouraged after only 10 floors. We plan to make the upper floors easier in the beginning, with increasing difficulty as you go higher.

Nothing is definite yet and we will continue to study your feedback on this matter!

Dungeon Participation

We feel that we can have more players participating in the dungeon by solving the issues mentioned above. In addition, we plan to highlight the feature directly in-game, for example by presenting it to players when they reach level 100.

We've shared with you the major points that will be studied and improved on as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to leave a comment after this news. We would also like to thank all the players that have shared with us their feedback from the start.

Enjoy the holidays!