In 2019, we are going to intensify our fight against cheating and bots. To that end, certain sanctions have already been increased. We're here to tell you more!

In 2018, multi-account restrictions were put in place in PvP mode and more recently in the new PvM feature of Ascension Island in order to balance fighting and the game more generally. As a reminder, each player may only use two accounts during a PvP fight or on Ascension Island.

Unfortunately, this did not stop certain people from trying to circumvent them.

We have decided to intensify our fight against players who degrade the in-game experience and updates that we provide.

Thus, the length of the ban for circumventing a multi-account restriction is being quadrupled. In addition, in the event of a repeat offense, the permanent ban will now be reached more quickly.

If you observe this kind of non-compliant behavior in the game, please follow this procedure to report it.

The situation is now the same for players who are caught using a player-modified client.

Ankama reserves the right to apply these sanctions to all sanctioned player's accounts.

We're taking this opportunity to inform you that in 2019, we wish to intensify our fight against bots and fraudulent videos on YouTube, in collaboration with Ankama's technical and legal teams.

This is just the first step, and we'll continue to intensify our actions throughout 2019.


Moderation Team Recruitment

To help us in our fight, we are recruiting for forum and in-game moderators. If you are interested, kindly send us your application by filling up this form.

In the meantime, have fun in the game, but don't forget to play by the rules!