After the Ascension Island update, which arrived at the end of the year, the adventure continues! 2019: a year where we wish you all the best! It certainly will be for us because we'll be spending it with you!

Bonne année 2019 DOFUS Touch
Whether you are a novice or veteran adventurer in the World of Twelve, starting a new year with you is always a delight!

And so, we'd first like to wish you all, both inside and outside the Krosmoz, a very happy 2019!

Now that the holidays are over, no more resting on your laurels! You'll have a lot on your plate (besides leftovers): our New Year's gift to you is a Crafting Bonus Weekend!

From 5:00 PM (Paris time) today until Monday, January 7 9:00 AM (Paris time), enjoy a +25% XP bonus on all professions (gathering and crafting).

Happy New Year everyone!

  • The bonus stacks with the Bonus Pack.
  • The preview of the XP gained will not take into account the bonus. It will be shown after the gathering/crafting action.