Mid-December brought a close to DOFUS Touch's first smithmagic contest with a victory by Myzicri. Here's a look back at this tournament, and news about a possible second contest!

DOFUS Touch Imperial Virtuoso Results
For the first ever smithmagic contest in the game, the Imperial Virtuoso, 250 participants made it into the contest as competitors after an impressive turnout during registration.

Indeed, it only took 7 minutes for the first 200 available slots to fill, before we expanded openings to 250 slots!

During the first qualification phase, 25 players moved brilliantly on to the final phase. You can find them in this article.

In this first round, no less than 3,931,523 runes were used! 48% of contestants managed to complete the test and submit an Age-Old Belt with the requested exo of 3% Earth resistance.

After the finals, 3 players had set themselves apart and won the tournament!
  • 1st Place: Myzicri with a gap of 4.2 from the requested stats. He'll be in the spotlight on the official site in early February following his performance!
  • Tied for 2nd Place: Kryzen-rt and Zanpoyo, each with a gap of 4.65.

Congratulations to all of them for their superb performances! We would also like to thank all the contestants who kept things wonderfully friendly and helpful throughout the contest. It was a real joy to see!

We'd also like to thank Seigneur-Fou from JeuxOnLine for the highly appreciated quality and competitivity in this first smithmagic contest.

What's Next

While this first time went off very well overall, we'd like to do even better in a second tournament in 2019!

We received feedback on several areas for improvement, and Seigneur-Fou has studied them and is already thinking about a different format.

We would notably like to overhaul the registration process, number of contestants, and various contest stages in order to limit as well as we can the time-consuming aspect and frustration among participants who can't manage to qualify for the tournament.

We'll have more details for you in this official forum workshop a bit later in the year!

Until then, let us know what you think below in the comments – now's the perfect time!