The shop is getting a makeover with the rotation on Tuesday, February 5! But what exactly can you expect? That's what we cover in this new article!

Changes to the DOFUS Touch Shop
In 2019, several changes will be made to the in-game shop… starting tomorrow! Why? To make it more attractive and clearer!

Pay Less to Get More

We felt that the value of the Goultine was currently too high in game. Consequently, Goultine packs will be changed: There will still be small, medium and large packs, but starting tomorrow you'll receive more Goultines than before for equivalent spending.

The goal is twofold:
  • smooth Goultine prices and quantities in a more coherent way; and
  • make Goultines more affordable!

For example, the smallest pack will now cost approximately 2.30 euros for 1,400 Goultines, compared to 1.99 euros for 800 Goultines before. If you do the math, you'll see that the cost of Goultines has gone down, notably for the smallest packs. This will let players treat themselves more while spending less!

Rotation Content

The number of items present in each rotation will be lowered with the goal being to increase their value and interest. The rarer an item, the more valuable it is!

This measure will make the shop's interface less cluttered and at the same time make navigation easier.

Finally, incarnations will join the rotations!

Item Prices

With the same aim, the prices of certain items in the classic shop will increase. Bonus Pack prices will, however, stay the same.

Within the Prestige category, some items will now be offered at a slightly higher price while others will be offered at lower prices. The Mimisymbics will notably be 30% less expensive!

What's Next?

Other changes will be made later, notably to make the shop easier to use. Navigating around the shop isn't easy for everyone at the moment.

We are also going to tackle the famous ceremonial items, which will be a big plus in terms of cosmetic items in the game. But there'll be plenty of time to tell you more about that when the time is right in a few months.

Until then, see you tomorrow to discover the first changes to the in-game shop!