Ready to pull your hair out? Player Marthys has a brain-teaser worthy of its name for you; take your shot and try to win lovely prizes!

DOFUS Touch Brain-Teaser
You might just lose your mind over this new contest concept by Marthys!

The Concept

The goal is simple: Use the screenshot and information below this post to figure out how to kill the Sacrier, who has 3,000 health points.

Want to try your luck? Send an email to before Thursday, February 7 12:00 PM (Paris time) to describe exactly what to do to reach that goal! What actions? What order? Everything…

IMPORTANT: Sharing your solution with other players is not allowed! Plus, doing so would not be to your advantage. Indeed, prizes will be distributed via random drawing from among all players with a correct solution to the brain-teaser. The more players find the right answer, the less chance you have of walking away with prizes!

The Brain-Teaser

Marthys's DOFUS Touch Brain-Teaser
Reminder: The goal is to use the screenshot and information below this post to figure out how to kill the Sacrier, who has 3,000 health points.

Your attack damage is known.

Remember that Mistake steals Agility and Strength. An Agility or Strength elemental spell will do more damage after Mistake.
  • Mistake = 500 damage; 550 after Mistake
  • Insidious Poison = 276; 282 after Mistake
  • Con = 584; 604 after Mistake
  • Lethal Trap = 591; 621 after Mistake
  • Deviousness = 225; 236 after Mistake
  • Perfidious Boomerang = 660; 680 after Mistake
  • Lethal Attack = 650; 683 after Mistake
  • Poisoned Trap = 145; 150 after Mistake
  • Mass Trap = 190; 205 after Mistake

Also remember that Furrow steals Intelligence. An Intelligence elemental spell will do more damage after Furrow.
  • Furrow = 764; 821 after Furrow
  • Tricky Trap = 192; 212 after Furrow
  • Tricky Blow = 277; 311 after Furrow
  • Chakra Concentration = 110; 130 after Furrow
  • Leek Pie = 134; 147 after Furrow

You have forgotten to equip your weapon for close combat.

Be careful with your math and remember that damage is increased only if you've used the Mistake or Furrow spell beforehand.

Additional Information

You have 11 AP.
You have used all your MP, so you are therefore at 0 MP.
You used the Invisibility spell on your last turn (turn 121), so you can not use it now.
All the other spells are available.
Your set does not give you a Range bonus.
All your spells are level 6, except for the Cawwot summons, Paralyzing Trap, and Mass Trap, which are all level 1.
Tricky Trap's range is 1 to 11.
Lethal Trap's range is 1 to 4.
Repelling Trap's range is 1 to 7.
Mass Trap's range is 1 to 3.
Deviousness's range is 1 to 5.
The Sacrier is not bewitched.


Three players will be drawn at random from among those who found the right answer. Those three will come away with:
Only one entry per person is allowed. You have until Thursday, February 7 at 12:00 PM (Paris time). Have fun with the brain-teaser and good luck!

P.S. If you would also like to suggest events, feel free to contact our staff via the official forum, our Twitter account or the DOFUS Touch Discord!