For Ballotwine's Day and in collaboration with the DOFUS Touch team, Troupe Zefrap is putting on its second Comic Contest! Try your luck and maybe come away with lovely gifts.

DOFUS Touch Ballotwine's Day Contest
Chocolates, flowers, Chocrosis… and above all, love! Yes, Ballotwine's Day is nearing fast, and Duf, the Meridia of Luv, might just strike before his day of glory. After all, it's not his first time (around the block). Legend has it that he was behind the four Sadida sisters' love of Skeunk.

This year, Troupe Zefrap is hopping on the holiday bandwagon and wants to put on a contest worthy of the event for you!


DOFUS Touch Ballotwine's Day Contest
For its second comic contest, Troupe Zefrap's asking you to imagine what the various characters are saying.

You need to fill in the speech bubbles in numerical order. There is no text length limit. Be creative!

The expected format for each numbered speech bubble on the comic is as follows:
  • Bubble 1: Text dreamed up by the contestant.
  • Bubble 2: Text dreamed up by the contestant.
  • Bubble 3: Text dreamed up by the contestant.
  • …and so on.

Entries are limited to one per person, posted in the comments below this article.

The contest starts now, and will end on Sunday, February 24 at 11:59 PM (Paris time)!


Troupe Zefrap and the community management team will be the jury. The authors of the three best entries will come away with:
Grab your pens!

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