A Dungeon Rusher will now be offered after each Ascension Island rotation! For this first Rusher, you get to size up Soft Oak… and chop him down to size to leave with a new shield.

Soft Oak's Story

In the year 17, Soft Oak was just a regular tree – that is, until he uprooted himself for good to save a young Sadida called Leaf from drowning. The old tree was then abandoned by his peers, who looked down on him for moving about.

After several months of exile, Leaf found Soft Oak again and brought joy back into his life. But his world came crashing down again when he caught his friend carrying on with a young Sacrier.

In a fit of rage, he turned the Sacrier into a Treechnee before creating a whole army and harassing the villagers in the area.

Silvosse, Protector of the month of Flovor, was forced to intervene and offered to let Soft Oak become the protector of the forest in order to channel his anger. The situation was under control again, but Soft Oak was never able to make up with his friend, Leaf…

Event Concept

Starting now and through Wednesday, February 27 12:00 PM (Paris time), kill the Soft Oak in his dungeon and get a brand new shield.


When you kill the Soft Oak in his dungeon, you automatically get the "Trophy Soft Oak Shield" at the end of the fight.

After the deadline of February 27 12:00 PM (Paris time), you will no longer be able to get your reward.

P.S. With the shield overhaul coming this year announced in the DOFUS Touch Missive #12, we suggest collecting a maximum of shields in the "Dungeon Rushers"!

Good to Know

  • The shield is linked to the character.
  • You can get the shield with several characters on the same account, as long as you re-do the dungeon with each character.
  • Killing Soft Oak in the arena does not earn you the shield.
  • Head to for a guide to Soft Oak's dungeon!