Two months after the end of the first Imperial Virtuoso tournament and before the second one, coming in 2019, the winner of the tournament, Myzicri, is in the spotlight!

Did you play DOFUS before jumping into the DOFUS Touch adventure? If so, which server and which class(es)?

I had played for three years in middle school, until 2010, but I stopped until I heard, in mid-September 2016, about the release of my childhood game for smartphones. At the time, I played on the international server Rushu, playing different classes such as Xelor and Sram, but my main character was a Sacrier called… Myzicri.

What drew you to DOFUS Touch?

A bit like everyone, I guess: the mobile device format, which is really nice, and the free-to-play system. Being able to get back to a game that I'd left several years ago, on my phone and with the changes and new elements that implied – that's what made me want to jump into the DOFUS Touch adventure!

How long have you been practicing smithmagic?

I already liked that part of the game when I was playing DOFUS, but I only practiced it superficially, probably because of my not-so-huge budget when I was younger!

I really started learning the secrets of smithmagic in DOFUS Touch, because I soon started using it to earn kamas and design my equipment from A to Z.

What made you want to get started with this profession?

I had to start when I got tired of having to have items to resell smithmaged, for a price, by other crafters who weren't always available and above all not very skilled.

So, the first thing was the functional aspect of professions for my own financial growth, followed by a desire to improve my own equipment as I advanced in the DOFUS Touch adventure.
Myzicri DOFUS Touch

What did you think of the Imperial Virtuoso contest?

Smithmagic had, over time, become the activity I probably spent the most game hours on. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was a contest in this area!

Even though difficult and time-consuming (as smithmagic often is!), the contest was a lot of fun, notably with the inter-server community via the contest Discord.

Other than a few mysterious finalists who were pretty much mute, the atmosphere between contestants was very friendly!

The challenges were interesting, and I'd like to thank the organizers for that. Especially the finals, that I found more high-quality than the qualifiers, which were a bit more rune forcing.

What was the hardest part of this contest for you?

Other than the obvious difficulties getting the demanded stats perfect, the trickiest part was knowing when to stop when the stats were good, to be sure to leave the competition behind. The Celestial Bearbarian headdress took me a long time, given that Range never would go to critical hit whenever I had perfect initiative and the opportunity to get positive score with over vitality.

So, the night before the end of the finals, I had to be satisfied with perfect stats except for a 7-point vitality penalty, which, in my head, meant that the victory that had been on the horizon from the start of the contest wasn't a sure thing.
Myzicri's Celestial Bearbarian Headdress Stats DOFUS Touch
Final Stats for Myzicri's Celestial Bearbarian Headdress
Myzicri's Ogivol's Helmet Stats DOFUS Touch
Final Stats for Myzicri's Ogivol's Helmet

Do you have any advice for players who want to get started with smithmagic?

From the technical standpoint, after learning the weight of each rune (not very complicated!), the only advice I can give is to practice as much as possible. That's the only way to refine your mastery of smithmagic and know when and which runes will work depending on the context.

From the financial standpoint (and this is obviously important), smithmagic can be interesting if you have good knowledge of the rune market to buy at the best times and good knowledge of the demand for smithmaged items depending on server advancement (tips in 2019 won't be the same as they were in 2017!).

Above all, be ready to show perseverance and determination because luck isn't always on our side!
DOFUS Touch smithmagic sink
5 Ra Vit fails with perfect stats… nerve-wracking!

Any parting words?

To wrap up, I'd like to give my old friends for whom I did a lot of smithmagic on Oshimo a shout out, and a shout out to everyone (Raiha's at the top of the list here) who believed in me for the tournament: Asmira, Matbob, Osa-time, Llar and the others (you know who you are).

And a "big up" to all the members of my guild, God of Blood!

And with that, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next tournament so I can add a new shield to my collection!