The first major update of the year is available now! On the menu: the new Ascension Island rotation, changes to the economy, and much more to discover in this new changelog.

DOFUS Touch Recipes for Success


Ascension Island

  • The rewards from rotation 1 have been distributed. The final rankings for this rotation are available here!
  • Rotation 2 starts now and will end on April 23, 2019, with the weekly maintenance.
  • A new level-200 weapon has been added. Other equipment will arrive later in the rotation.
  • Achievements completed in rotation 1 will be unlocked at a later time. The rewards will still be provided, but take note that it will not be doubled if you've completed it on rotation 2.
  • Several problems with the Ascension Island monsters and boss have been fixed.
  • The NPC Talok now correctly offers the right dialogues at the right time in the "Illumina Nui" quest.
  • The zone music is now correctly triggered when you arrive on Ascension Island.

The in-game leaderboard has, for its part, been pushed back for technical reasons. We're sorry for the delay.

The Economy


As you saw this past year, we've tried to showcase the resources you can buy with Almokens in all the new recipes added to the game.

Now that the number of recipes using these resources seems, in our opinion, to have reached a sufficient minimum, we have removed kamas from the Almanax rewards. We will continue to add new recipes using Almanax resources.

Thus, it will still be possible to generate a profit by doing the Almanax quests but in a much more healthy manner for the game as the money obtained will be the result of trades between players and not money created from nothing (which amounted to injecting a huge amount of money into the game every day).

We know that this decision won't please all players, but it is necessary to ensure the economic longevity of the servers and therefore ensure the game's longevity. The Almanax was the largest source of kama generation in the game, well before bots arrived in these quests. We had already discussed this in the DOFUS Touch Missive #10 in early 2018.

Now, you need to complete the main Almanax quest from Magus Ax before being able to do the daily quest, and be at least level 20.

Removal of Resources Purchasable from NPCs

We have removed the resources that could be bought from NPCs. These resources are now obtained directly by fighting monsters or via crafting, distributed among different professions.

We made these changes because we think that buying resources in kamas from NPCs doesn't really have a place in DOFUS Touch's economic system (the system is not designed to work with resources in infinite quantities with fixed prices) and because we would prefer that players can get rich by obtaining these resources themselves and selling them to other players. The panel of monsters from which resources can be obtained will grow over time.

Many recipes (notably for Hunters and Fishermen) using these resources have been changed to require more suitable quantities.

Dopple Temple Elixirs

The recipes for all the elixirs used to go to the Dopple temples have been simplified.

These recipes seemed abnormally complicated and as a result were not very often used. This will let you make the Dopple rounds more quickly!

In exchange, the drop rate for the Blop drops previously used in these recipes has been decreased noticeably.


  • The AP display issues when using the spells Precipitation, Smell and Cog have been fixed.
  • In some situations, some cells, aka "dead cells", were no longer available or accessible. Several problems causing these dead cells have now been fixed.
  • When a player is under the effect of the Kaboom spell and Rogue bombs explode next to the player, the bonuses are now correctly displayed in the timeline.
  • Damage from Sram traps and Rogue bombs is no longer displayed in yellow as if it were a critical hit.
  • Tournament mode is no longer active on come Kolossium maps.


  • The infinite loading problem in the professions interface has been fixed.
  • The inventory display is no longer cut off when a Dragoturkey inventory is opened.
  • The Astrub Bestiary no longer displays "indefinite" monsters.
  • In the achievement interface, the score is now properly centered.


  • The additional character slot service has been pushed back.


  • The equipment conditions for the Bubotron Sword have been removed.
  • The trade channel (/b) is now unique to a whole server, as is the recruitment channel (/r). The delay between two messages by a single player in this same room has been extended.
  • The god Iop quest no longer needs to be completed to access the Hall of the Valiant zone (tournament zone).
  • Some of the maps in the tournament zone have been adjusted. The Sadida map is now mid-range, and the placement slots on the Rogue map are further back.
  • The NPC dialogues in the Hall of the Valiant zone have been adjusted accordingly.
  • The Kwismas decorations have been taken down.
  • The Perceptors have returned to their normal appearance.
  • A Perceptor can now be placed on the Royal Coco Blop map.
  • When doing the "The New World" quest that gives access to Otomai Island, the reappearance time for pirate monsters on the boat has been fixed and is no longer abnormally long.
  • The NPC Chaga Lachance is now also present in front of the Incarnam Inn.
  • Certain fishing resources that were not accessible in Incarnam have been fixed.
  • Corrections have been made to various texts and dialogues.
  • Corrections have been made to several maps in the World of Twelve.