Get out the violins, guitars, bagpipes (err… no, not the bagpipes) and bamboo milk to properly celebrate the goddess Pandawa! Get ready to see life through clover-tinted glasses during Saint Potrick: Come along on Saturday, March 16 for three days of partying… and gifts!

DOFUS Touch – Saint Potrick
Let us remember Rascal Detoks… His five-leaf clover hung on his jacket, the Ecaflip bard sang so badly in our lands that he received millions of kamas from a passing billionaire – so he would shut up forever more and give the songs a chance to be sung by someone other than him! Or to be sung, period. That was Saint Potrick's Day.

Your turn! Try your luck by scratching with all your might! Many prizes are up for grabs.

And that's not all! A +50% XP/drop Happy Hour bonus will be valid every day from Saturday, March 16 through Monday, March 18, between 6:00 PM and midnight (Paris time) only; this bonus will combine with Bonus Pack advantages but will not cover professions.

In the store, both Saint Podrick Packs (Classic and Prestige) are back and will be available until 8:00 AM (Paris time) on March 19!

Try your luck and scratch with all your strength in Quick Potrick! Many prizes are at stake, available on the official website from March 16 10:00 AM until March 18 11:59 PM (Paris time).

To wrap up this new Saint Potrick, a beer creation contest will be open from tomorrow on the official DOFUS Touch website. Don't miss it!

Have fun – in moderation!