Saint Potrick – the day dedicated to the goddess Pandawa – is fast approaching! And when Pandawa is involved, taverns are also surely involved… so surely beer too! What if you created your own beer to be integrated into DOFUS Touch? That's what we're proposing with this new contest!

King Allister is a big beer lover, and he'd love to offer his most-faithful servants a grand beer-tasting session for Saint Potrick, on Martelo 17.

As per usual, he's relying on you this time to create a never-before-seen beer and amaze his buddies. He's willing to reward the best brewer in the World of Twelve handsomely!

Contest Concept

We're giving you the chance to create a new beer that will be integrated into the game if you win this new contest!

To take part, you just have to submit your creation in the comments below, specifying:
  • The name of the beer,
  • Its recipe (fictional – there won't be one in the game),
  • And its history, its origins… in a few lines (for its in-game description).

Each player may submit only one entry and must comply with the forum rules. Everything must be created in a roleplay style, like what you can already find in the game.


The staff will select the best beer from all communities and reward its brewer with:
  • Their beer being integrated into the game,
  • Both Saint Podrick packs (Classic and Prestige),
  • And 20,000 goultines.

Good luck to you all, and feel free to check out the full schedule for Saint Potrick, with bonus XP and drops for the celebration!