A new major update is available now! Investigate a strange crack and enjoy several new features and improvements. Get a first glimpse at them right now in this changelog.

DOFUS Touch Update


In this update, you will be required to set a nickname for your account. This will be visible on the official site and forum. If your account does not have one yet, you will be prompted in your next login.


A strange phenomenon has been spotted near Amakna Village. A crack in space-time seems to be making people years younger…


A help interface is now available in the game! All you have to do is tap on the new button below to open it:

It contains various articles to guide new players (and sometimes even the most experienced adventurers in the World of Twelve!).


  • A new level-200 set has been added. The Meno set consists of the:
    • Meno Helmet
    • Meno Cape
    • Meno Boots
  • NPC dialogues have been corrected.


  • Chat messages have been added for guild Perceptors in the following situations:
    • When a member collects from a Perceptor: "The ANKAMA guild's Perceptor on map -1/0 has been harvested by Kokillette."
    • When a Perceptor is killed by opponents: "The ANKAMA guild's Perceptor on map -1/0 has been killed by enemies."
    • If these actions happen when you are offline, you'll receive the messages in the chat the next time you log on.
  • In the Marketplace, you can now know how many kamas you'll collect if you sell all the items up for sale.
  • In the Marketplace, you can now know how many slots are still available to sell your items.
  • Clicking on a follower character no longer displays the merchant mode tab.
  • In the smithmagic interface, all rune pages now display properly and no longer disappear.
  • The "Mimisymbic" category has been removed from the Marketplace because it cannot be used.


  • The Dofushu lock bonus no longer affects allies stuck in close combat.
  • Dofushu no longer reveals invisible allies.
  • Changing a Masqueraider's mask no longer affects possible Masqueraider allies stuck in close combat.
  • If several Masqueraiders are on the same team, they can no longer accumulate mask bonuses.
  • When the monster Stapleworm uses its Pik A Slow spell, it now gains its bonuses properly.



  • The odds of obtaining meat have been changed for all monsters. Grade-1 monsters are now as likely to provide meat as grade-5 monsters.
  • The odds of obtaining meat from Frigost monsters have been increased proportionally to the difficulty level of the area (Frigost 1, Frigost 2, Frigost 3).
  • Boowolves no longer drop Muzzle*** but Muzzle** instead.
  • Muzzles can now be obtained from Bworks in the Bworker dungeon.
  • Brawn Salad has been updated and now provides 700 Vitality.
  • Treechnid resin is now called plant resin. It can be obtained from all Treechnids and from monsters in the Dark Jungle, Tree Keeholo Trunk, and the Petrified Forest.
  • Recipes requiring water have been modified to require a different resource instead.
  • The amount of temporal powder required in recipes has once again been lowered.


  • Recipes requiring water have been modified to require a different resource instead.


  • The Big Phial recipe has been changed. It is now made with a Tofu egg instead of a golden pearl.


  • The amount of HP recovered with the Unikron Blood potion is less random.
  • The amount of HP recovered with the Fairy Water potion is less random and slightly higher.


  • The following NPCs now sell mimilk:
    • Gordo McRamsay
    • Connie Vini
    • Aga Dou
    • Jake Combes
    • Ernest Laye
    • Roca Charmed


  • The additional character slot service is available. It will let you create more than 5 characters on your account, for a maximum of 32 in all. Note that you can only purchase 2 slots per week.
  • The shop tabs have been changed.


  • Guild and alliance standards now display correctly on each use.
  • In the tournament zone, the NPCs present on the combat maps no longer bring players back to the start of the zone.
  • Several monster animations have been fixed.
  • Several spelling mistakes have been fixed.
  • Changes have been made to various texts and dialogues in the game to match the new resource names or how to obtain them.
  • Intelligence is now mentioned in the "Sram's Shadow" book.
  • Several maps in the World of Twelve have been fixed.
  • It is again possible to download all of the game maps in order to reduce loading time.