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After a few arrangements and updates by Ankama's sound team, the most iconic music compositions from DOFUS MMO, WAKFU MMO, the WAKFU animated series, Princess Dragon and even Lance Dur were handed off to the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. Listen to – and watch – the results!

This little Xelor managed to stand out from the crowd all through the rounds of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve. The important thing for her was to try… After all, nothing is impossible!
We caught up with Petit-orage – a Xelor on the Terra Cogita server and winner of Miss World of Twelve 2022, Touch Edition.

Before coming away with the coveted title of Mister World of Twelve, he had to face some tough competition. Although he couldn't say what his chances of winning were, Trama – a Sram on the Herdegrize server – managed to hold his own and emerge victorious! We talked to the winner (in the male category) of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve, Touch Edition!

Produced by players and for players, this guide is designed to help those who've chosen the Rogue path to maximize their class and regather all the Dofus. Before you start reading, be sure to visit the official page on Rogues, which contains any additional information you might need.

Bitkyo, the Meridia of Tips and Tricks, are calling out adventurers to write a short guide on how to play and excel with the different classes of DOFUS Touch. Helpful and applicable guides will be published on our sites!