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Dofus Touch Dungeon Rusher: Founoroshi Event - November 02, 2022

Truth be told, the boss of the Fouxwork Factory only has eyes for his Trophy Founoroshi Shield. From now through Wednesday, November 9, anyone who wants to claim it for themselves will have to be skilled at playing with fire… or risk dying before the big finale.

The final phases of the All Star Touch 2 PvP tournament are fast approaching! We know which teams will be defending the honor of their servers, your servers, on October 5 and 6.

The qualifiers for the interserver phase of the All Star Touch PvP Tournament have now finished! We know which teams will defend the colors of their servers, your servers, on October 29 and 30.

Recently, as part of All Star Touch #2, you demonstrated your love of words and literature, some of you even getting so carried away as to improvise an Alexandrine (yes, you are that wacky). After composing the theme of your server, we now want you to come up with its emblem!

We warned you that some nice challenges awaited you for this All Star Touch! Today, the elite PvP competition is challenging you to write your server's anthem. Will your pen score a point for Griffin… er… your server?
Dofus Touch Oshimo & Dodge Qualifiers Event - October 13, 2022

The qualification phase of the All Star Touch #2 is winding up with the Oshimo and Dodge servers! Which teams will qualify for the final stages?

Al Howin's Vegetable Patch infested with evil creatures, a Horrib Isle where only fools dare set foot, and gobballs that will make you jump out of your pumpkwin skin: Welcome to the Shustuft Crust. Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a teeny bit… Let the Al Howin festivities begin!
All Star Touch #2 continues with the first qualification stage, this time on the Terra Cogita and Brutas servers! Which teams will qualify for the final stages?
All Star Touch #2 is about to begin, with the first qualification stages set to take place on the Herdegrize and Grandapan servers! Which teams will qualify for the final stages?
Dofus Touch Birthday and Bonus Weekend! Event - September 28, 2022

In a previous post dedicated to 6 years of DOFUS Touch, we told you that a bonus weekend would take place soon in-game! Well, prepare for tons more drops and XP, without putting in tons more effort!

First launched in 2018, the All Star Touch is back for a second edition!  Whether or not you're into PvP, we invite you to support your server, come what may! Psst… There's rewards up for grabs…

Dofus Touch Sink Me, Landlubbers! Event - September 16, 2022

Is your neighbor acting all boorish? Are your kids spending all day saying things they probably shouldn't? Has your other half stopped brushing their teeth? Don't hold it against them, as they're just continuing the tradition! It will soon be time for Me Hearty Party again in the World of Twelve. You might as well get on board too!

Dofus Touch Anniversary Dungeon Rusher Event - September 15, 2022

Whether it's a trick of the calendar or some mystical force at work, the anniversary of DOFUS Touch is once again taking place at the same time of year! Crazy, right? But still not as crazy as how we're celebrating it this time: with a special jumbo-sized Dungeon Rusher event!

"Enjoy it while you can!" and "They grow up so fast!" they say. And it's true… Your MMO is already celebrating its sixth birthday! And you know how we are… We never miss an opportunity to celebrate!  Especially when it makes things fun for you!

Do you think you're on the best PvP team ever? Are you ready for intense combat? Find out how to register for the All Star Touch #2!

The twentieth rotation of Ascension Island will start tomorrow, right after the weekly maintenance! Unlock as many rewards as you can in your rise to glory!

Dofus Touch Free 2-day Elite Bonus Pack! Event - September 06, 2022

Infinite room to grow and get better. That's how we see the world of DOFUS Touch, and that's why a new update has come out today. Eager to test Balancing Strength #4? Well, we're eager to offer you a free 2-day Elite Bonus Pack!

Dofus Touch Vulkania Ho Ho Ho! Event - August 22, 2022

It seems we declared victory to soon… After the whooping and humiliation you dished out recently, we thought that Father Kwismas, Father Whupper, and the Itzting had learned their lesson. But it turns out that defeat just made them want to take revenge (again).

Why not get a head start on Al Howin and treat yourself to a hellish trek through the Haunted House at the Trool Fair for a week? It'll be a nice chance to return from the dead with a lovely Boockler, don't ya think?

Dofus Touch Skin Contest on Discord Event - August 01, 2022

Last December you may have noticed a channel dedicated to character skins in DOFUS Touch appear on our Discord. Although temporary, it was popular, and it gave us the idea to offer something more permanent and with a stronger concept: regular contests in collaboration with Skiny.

Woah! Amazing! Once again, you have shown immense courage and solidarity. Shoulder to shoulder with other Twelvians, you stood up to and defended the attacks from the bosses of Kwismas Island, who had come to spoil the party of Vulkania! A promise is a promise! The "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend will be happening!

Five years ago, you lent a hand to the Charlie's Agents agency to fend off attacks by Father Kwismas, Father Whupper and the Itzting, who had come to wreak revenge on Grozilla and Grasmera after the "incident" in 639. Yes, yes… on Kwismas Island, revenge is a dish best eaten cold… colder than cold… and twice over! Today, the dinner revenge bell has rung!

The Krosmic calendar is overflowing with important events. Some more than others are rather laughable, sometimes bordering on the grotesque. The Taking of the Pastille is above all proof that anything can be a pretext for a party – and an excuse to give you in-game bonuses!

A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!