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The beta version of the end-of-year update is available! It comes with plenty of changes, to say the least, including the shield revamp. See what's new in this changelog!

Al Howin is the chance for you to bust a few Ghouls and enjoy content that's accessible once a year. And the event starts today, so take advantage before it ends!

A major new update is available! On the program: an Osamodas revamp, balancing, the economy, and many new features and improvements to discover in this changelog.

A new major update is now available! Explore the City of Orado and discover what's new in our latest changelog!

A new major update is available now! Investigate a strange crack and enjoy several new features and improvements. Get a first glimpse at them right now in this changelog.

The first major update of the year is available now! On the menu: the new Ascension Island rotation, changes to the economy, and much more to discover in this new changelog.

Dofus Touch Al Howin Update! Updates - October 24, 2018

Tremble, mere mortals, because the Al Howin update is online! Discover all the changes and what's new in this latest changelog.