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Dofus Touch Black Friday Is Back! Shop - November 25, 2022

You've been so eagerly awaiting this one that your significant other is officially jealous. Black Friday is back, along with those irresistible deals… Get a peak at what's in store for you this year, whether in DOFUS Touch or the online Ankama Shop!

Virtuous Twelvians have preserved the spirit of chivalry around the World of Twelve since time immemorial. And as if wearing noble values on their sleeves wasn't enough, they would also wear dazzling clothes. Certainly some are born under a lucky star… Today you can be like them by grabbing the scintillating Saiya Pack!

Those who watched Ankama's special conference, the KrosmoNote, already know: for the year ahead, DOFUS Touch is all about improvement! With the Krosmopack and our latest items of the week, you'll be all set to fully try them out and experience new adventures!

This week, we're offering three variations on the Packatana. These packs are for players with a razor-sharp wit who are always ready with a cutting remark! Sounds right up your alley, no? Check them out at the same time you take your usual look at our items of the week!

What? You, hit by the evil eye? No way! Just make sure you take care of your affairs while the Catseye's got its back turned and you'll stay clear of its curse. Come to think of it, this week's a perfect opportunity to swing by the shop and pick up the Catseye pack before it turns its gaze on you!

As Ankama's special conference prepares to unveil what's making you giddy (and us) over the coming months, we suggest you get your hands on the Krosmopack 2022, which will certainly come in handy if you want to start a new year of adventures on the right foot!

Al Howin is a time for orange and black, pumpkwins and Twelvians scaring each other silly. But that's not all! There's also a little-known yet highly festive and colorful aspect to this holiday. The Fricadavera Pack is living proof that joy can be found in even the darkest places if you just dig a little (though be careful not to dig up Mummy Nova by mistake).

Maybe it's because of the upcoming Al Howin holiday, or simply the forces of evil weaving their way into the World of Twelve (reassuring) – either way, within this new selection of items, like the one before it, there's plenty to ruin your sleep…

WARNING! This new item rotation isn't for the faint of heart. We're talking about good old-fashioned evil creatures with unbelievably wicked intentions and a stale, scorched scent of Shustuft Crust that'll make your eyes water. Still interested? All right, well, don't say we didn't warn you…

Prestige cosmetic items that flirt with the dark side and a pack with that delicious (er, nauseating!) Shustuft Crust smell: this new item rotation offers plenty of ways to express the shadowy side of your soul. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Enigmatic as a magic trick, the Mystery Man is definitely the type to leave you little cuttings as clues or riddles… It would be a misdirect! Although there is the matter of a free Mystery Man Set this week, we're not talking about that kind of cutting… But it does have to do with magic! Do you follow?

Comparing yourself to your neighbors, usually to mock their inferiority, should be an official event at the Krozolympics. The Bontarians and Brakmarians are the strongest competitors at this game. Let's leave them to fight their wars in peace… and in high style, with their dedicated sets! Check them out at the same time you take your usual look at our items of the week!

It's not every day you see treasure on sale – but that's exactly what's happening right now with two of our treasures: the High Seas Pack and the Buccaneer Pack. Set sail for the shop, mateys!

The World of Twelve is filled with magical places. But some of them conceal great dangers… Many of you of that learned that the hard way when you ventured into Plantala Forest. But you won't make the same mistake twice: next time, you'll pick up the Pandala Pack before stepping into Damadrya's den!

Packs to help you climb to the top and services to make you happy no matter what: The shop has no shortage of ingredients to let you become the cream of the World of Twelve crop. Ready for the grand finale of the summer sales?

The announcement of its arrival, amid posts about the update titled Four Aces, piqued your curiosity. Since then, you've been spinning in circles. Well, the wait is over: the Elite Bonus Pack is available! You can also check out this week's selection of items.

Even though you're chilled to the bone, there's no way you'll just sit there when good deals start appearing today in the online Ankama Shop. It's time for an avalanche of discounts that are cooler than ever! 

Dofus Touch Enjoy Black Friday! Shop - November 26, 2021

Take advantage of incredible discounts at the in-game store – Black Friday has crossed the pond and landed with a splash in DOFUS Touch!

Ankama Krosmopack Shop - November 22, 2021

The next KrosmoNote has obviously fattened up for winter: it's stuffed like a turkey! But before we look at the program for the upcoming year, all media combined, we're offering a pack that has been specially designed for the occasion: the Krosmopack!

Ahh, fall… The days are getting shorter, you're staying in and bingeing your favorite media, and the weather has "forced" you to wear comfier clothing. If your look could use a style infusion, look no further than the latest prestige items for November!

Dofus Touch 20th Anniversary Pack Shop - October 13, 2021
20 years ago, the first lines of Ankama's story were being timidly written. Yes, 20 years already. It's enough to make anyone feel old, isn't it? To celebrate this red letter day of the Krosmic calendar, Ankama is releasing its 20th Anniversary Pack, which comes in a numbered* collector's box with a certificate of authenticity! But be warned: This is a limited series of only 1,000!

In bubblegum pink, it looked good enough to eat. In black, it was darkly fascinating. And in flamboyant red, it'll set your heart on fire! To celebrate Ankama's 20th anniversary, the ever-popular XL Dragoone stuffed toy is back in colors that bear a striking resemblance to a certain well-known logo

It's that time. You've plugged your alarm back in. Your sunburn is flaking off. You even started wearing socks again! There's no use hiding from it: Summer's over. Well, to cheer you up, we've added new prestige items to the shop. Take solace in cool stuff!

Ankama Ankama Shop Braderie Sale Shop - September 02, 2021

Ding, ding, ding ! The match is about to begin! So loosen up your wrists, crack your knuckles and your neck and jump in the ring for a new Ankama Shop Braderie Sale!