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As you so often hear during opening speeches, when you’re stupidly standing around with a glass of champagne (that you can’t drink yet!) in your hand, “We have the pleasure of introducing” the new detailed Dragoturkey factsheet. The images will speak louder than any snoozefest speeches. Then, if you’re feeling brave, or curious, you can read the text below that describes the improvements by menu...

It is customary for Rotable the Shepherd to ask you to pay a visit to the Royal Gobball in order to help calm it down. But, for the time being, a truce of sorts seems to be in effect between both parties... What's going on in Tainela?

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #3 Info - August 16, 2016

On July 21st, while some people were getting ready to pull several all-nighters in a row, others were getting started on a 24 hour non-stop live stream on Twitch. Why? For the French language launch of DOFUS Touch, that's why! Here's an initial assessment of this new adventure.

By Sadida, it seems the nature has lost all reason and the city of Astrub is about to be overrun! The Astrub Council is begging for your help; will you be able to put things back in order?

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive #2 Info - June 29, 2016

Since June 9, the Canadians have had the opportunity to slide their fingers across DOFUS Touch. How did the launch go, and how does the game fare now? Let's check this up together! 

Today is the start of the fourth Gobbstock Festival! You know how it goes! We give you a theme and you send us a video and song that fits it. This year, we want to see you get creative about: “Gobbstock Dungeons”. Do you love it or hate it? It doesn't matter! Describe the dungeon of your choice through song!

DOFUS has now been available on tablets for a week in Canada, allowing you to play virtually anywhere! Anywhere is good, of course, but do you maybe have a favourite somewhere? Now, THAT's what we're all wondering about here in Ankama!

Tablets will never be able to get over an MMO like this! DOFUS Touch is being released today in Canada… and comes with gifts! Download it for free and rediscover the World of Twelve as you've never seen it before.

Dofus Touch The Dungeon Tour Event - June 09, 2016

Ah, DOFUS Touch... Its vast territories that are just waiting to be explored, its unusual monsters... And here you are! But before you set off to discover the World of Twelve, you begin your adventure on Incarnam, where you’re waiting for the first stage of your Dungeon Tour!

Dofus Touch Rush rewards Event - June 08, 2016

New game, new server, new adventure in the World of Twelve. Yep, you’re starting again from scratch! So many of you have been waiting for the chance to come face to face with other players in different aspects of the game. But how competitive are you?

A free online game that requires no monthly subscription, DOFUS Touch also differentiates itself from its older sibling DOFUS through its economic model: Goultines have now replaced Ogrines, and Kamas may now be used for in-game purchases! Follow the guide...

From Québec to Inuvik and from Vancouver to Igloolik - only a country as big as Canada could welcome the biggest tablet MMORPG: DOFUS Touch! With its vast world to explore at your fingertips, DOFUS Touch will make its exclusive premiere in Canada!

Dofus Touch DOFUS Touch Missive Info - May 03, 2016
DOFUS Touch has now been available in closed beta for around 6 months. The more curious among you have been able to follow its development on the official forums or on the official Twitter account. Today, we offer you an overall glance at how the beta is advancing and a bit more information about the future of the game.

Meet the new character creation screen.