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Why not get a head start on Al Howin and treat yourself to a hellish trek through the Haunted House at the Trool Fair for a week? It'll be a nice chance to return from the dead with a lovely Boockler, don't ya think?

Dofus Touch Skin Contest on Discord Event - August 01, 2022

Last December you may have noticed a channel dedicated to character skins in DOFUS Touch appear on our Discord. Although temporary, it was popular, and it gave us the idea to offer something more permanent and with a stronger concept: regular contests in collaboration with Skiny.

Dofus Touch Beta: DOFUS Touch 1.56 Info - July 27, 2022

The beta for the next DOFUS Touch update is now available in-game! After lots of teasers on our website and social media channels, and also from some of your favorite YouTubers, it's time to reveal the new content!

Woah! Amazing! Once again, you have shown immense courage and solidarity. Shoulder to shoulder with other Twelvians, you stood up to and defended the attacks from the bosses of Kwismas Island, who had come to spoil the party of Vulkania! A promise is a promise! The "unlimited bunch of keys" bonus weekend will be happening!

If you have been following our social media channels, you may have suspected it, because some signs are never misleading. If you are told to get ready for importing characters on to the beta server, then the beta itself can't be far away. If we follow up with some teaser tweets, it can only confirm your suspicions!

Hear ye, hear ye! The original soundtrack of the first three seasons composed by Guillaume Houzé is now available on many music streaming platforms – just waiting to be listened to on repeat!

Dofus Touch Recruiting Moderators Info - July 20, 2022

To reinforce existing staff and continue to effectively tackle bots and other rule-violating behaviors, we are accepting applications for the moderator role now through the rest of the year! Are you interested? Apply now on our special recruitment page!

Are you a dyed-in-the-wool guide? Does your deeply altruistic nature compel you to assist poor lost gobballs? Have you traveled around the World of Twelve a fair bit? Do you enjoy flaunting… errr, sharing… your knowledge? Interesting… You could be the perfect candidate to join our team of Community Helpers!

Five years ago, you lent a hand to the Charlie's Agents agency to fend off attacks by Father Kwismas, Father Whupper and the Itzting, who had come to wreak revenge on Grozilla and Grasmera after the "incident" in 639. Yes, yes… on Kwismas Island, revenge is a dish best eaten cold… colder than cold… and twice over! Today, the dinner revenge bell has rung!

The Krosmic calendar is overflowing with important events. Some more than others are rather laughable, sometimes bordering on the grotesque. The Taking of the Pastille is above all proof that anything can be a pretext for a party – and an excuse to give you in-game bonuses!

Packs to help you climb to the top and services to make you happy no matter what: The shop has no shortage of ingredients to let you become the cream of the World of Twelve crop. Ready for the grand finale of the summer sales?

When we adopt a baby animal, whether it's one with fur, feather or fangs, we do our best not to think about the day it will head out into the world on its own. But one way or another, that day always comes. DOFUS Pets, the free-to-play mobile game from Ankama, is leaving the nest.

This little Xelor managed to stand out from the crowd all through the rounds of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve. The important thing for her was to try… After all, nothing is impossible!
We caught up with Petit-orage – a Xelor on the Terra Cogita server and winner of Miss World of Twelve 2022, Touch Edition.

Before coming away with the coveted title of Mister World of Twelve, he had to face some tough competition. Although he couldn't say what his chances of winning were, Trama – a Sram on the Herdegrize server – managed to hold his own and emerge victorious! We talked to the winner (in the male category) of the latest Miss and Mister World of Twelve, Touch Edition!

Those of you who are active on social media may have already seen a few facts and figures from the latest DOFUS Touch update. This time, we're really going all out! Records, drops and successes: In this post, we'll reveal everything we know so far about legendary weapons.

A new PvP tournament is coming to the Grandapan server!

Finally! The most eagerly awaited time of year (along with Nowel) is finally here – the terrific Vulkania adventure is now accessible! Do you think you know everything there is to know about this horribly idyllic place? And what if you were wrong?…

The nineteenth rotation of Ascension Island will start tomorrow, right after the weekly  maintenance! Unlock as many rewards as you can in your rise to glory!

The new update, At the Heart of the Legend, is available! Are you ready to put your name down in gold letters in the history of the Krosmoz? Log in to the game now and try to get your hands on the incredible Legendary Weapons! Don't hesitate to take a look at the update's devblog so you'll be perfectly prepared for what's to come…

As you know, the upcoming DOFUS Touch update has placed artifacts almost as precious as the Dofus themselves all over the World of Twelve. These items are the heritage of noble and courageous warriors. But before getting familiar with them in-game… what do you say we have a little fun?

The beta for the At the Heart of the Legend update closed yesterday. We've got a little surprise in store for you, with this new adventure to be officially released on June 21st. Are you ready to win gifts? Are you ready to Twitch Drop?

For this year's Gobbstock Festival, forget the drum solos and violin sonatas: you'll be setting the tone with your guild! Take part in the guild concerto contest to try and win an elegant Rocksteady Shield!

Is it like you to show off and hold out the thing you're proudest of for all to see? Perfect! This should interest you. Take part in the beta for the Legendary Weapons update to win an exclusive title (and show off, of course).

The At the Heart of the Legend beta is now available in-game! After an impressive blast of spoilers and, more recently, a livestream dedicated entirely to this new update, it's time to experience it for yourself. See you soon in the game!