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Dofus Touch Increased Sanctions Info - January 09, 2019

In 2019, we are going to intensify our fight against cheating and bots. To that end, certain sanctions have already been increased. We're here to tell you more!

Dofus Touch Happy New Year! Event - January 04, 2019

After the Ascension Island update, which arrived at the end of the year, the adventure continues! 2019: a year where we wish you all the best! It certainly will be for us because we'll be spending it with you!

Dofus Touch GAMAKNA #10: Make a Wish… Info - December 27, 2018
One year is drawing to a close and another is beginning – it's the circle of life, and it moves us all (you know the song). Inspired by this period, Gamakna is about to turn a page so it can write a new one.

Just over a week after the launch of Update 1.37, we want to discuss a few points with you about the new PvM feature.

Kwismas is in full swing! From now until Monday December 31, enjoy great Shop offers and bonuses in-game!


Dofus Touch Ascension Island is online! Info - December 12, 2018

Two islands for the price of one: it's only the gift wrapping of our latest content! Come and discover what awaits you in our Kwismas update

Dofus Touch [Contest] To the top! Event - December 04, 2018

For 6 days, climb to the top of Ascension Island on the beta version and try to win rewards on your classic servers!

Is your nose suddenly red and bright? Do you crave for sweets? Are you having a case of extreme excitement? All these symptoms point to the upcoming Kwismas festivities. Worry no further as we have a sure cure: the annual Advent Calendar! Prepare to be buried under an avalanche of gifts!

After a long week of hard work on the Age-Old Belt, it's time to find out what players have qualified and what concept will be used for the final stage!

Dofus Touch Beta Test: Ascension Island Info - November 28, 2018

After weeks of exciting teasers, the end-of-year update is finally available on the "DOFUS Touch Early" beta app! Check out the complete changelog for the beta below.

Dofus Touch Black Friday Sale! Shop - November 23, 2018
Black Friday crossed the Atlantic ocean and came crashing to DOFUS Touch! Enjoy up to 20% discount in the Shop!
The first round of the Smithmagic tournament is about to begin! For a week, participants would have to give it their all to get the best stats possible in order to qualify for the next round!
Dofus Touch Tainted Pumpkwins Event - November 20, 2018
Novamaire 648: Adventurers in the World of Twelve have been hit with strange events troubling their usually oh so peaceful days. They investigated, and have figured it out. The source of the tainted Pumpkwin isn't ordinary at all. An entity with a shadowy past seems to be behind it all…

The year comes to an end with the December update! Find out more with the trailer!

The first contest for Smithmagi is about to start. But before that happens, a registration phase is necessary to select our future potential champions. And that's good, because it's starting now!

Dofus Touch Marks on Bones Event - November 13, 2018

It's been several weeks since the Al Howin curse spread throughout Amakna. Everything's slowly starting to get back to normal for the Gobballs and Tofus. But the Pumpkwins haven't changed. Will the curse wear off?

Did you miss the DOFUS Touch Ankama Live last October 30? No problem! Here's a recap of all the important info just for you!

Dofus Touch Trick or Trick? Event - November 06, 2018

It's that time of year, the time for tricks and trickier tricks. It seems that someone, somewhere in the World of Twelve, has been having fun driving adventurers mad on the continent and playing a nasty trick on them.

Because DOFUS Touch isn't just about PvP, we want to offer those of you who are passionate about Smithmagic a challenge! Discover the Imperial Virtuoso contest right now.

Al Howin is just around the corner, so why not take a shot at our third DOFUS Touch quiz and try your luck at winning in-game prizes!
Dofus Touch GAMAKNA #9: A Killer Issue Info - October 30, 2018
The advantage of a curse is how predictable it is: Every year, on the same day, the same old story starts up again… And on Al Howin, there are plenty of advantages! Other than a few unfortunate victims, most people spend this day ringing their neighbors' doorbells to demand candy! And for you, there's also a new issue of Gamakna to enjoy!
Dofus Touch Event: Jackpot the Ripper Event - October 26, 2018

Jackpot the Ripper is back with all things creepy! Scratch and win as many gifts as you can this Al Howin!

This topic aims to help those who have chosen to alter their personalities based on the masks they wear in their quest to reunify the Dofus. Before you start reading, be sure to visit the official Masqueraider introduction page, which contains all the additional information you might need.

Dofus Touch Al Howin Update! Updates - October 24, 2018

Tremble, mere mortals, because the Al Howin update is online! Discover all the changes and what's new in this latest changelog.