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As the last primordial dragon egg is coming to DOFUS, an event closely linked to Krosmoz lore and background, Gamakna had to go all out, and so took the opportunity to return to the myths and legends that make all our games come alive… including DOFUS Touch!

The month of Frauguctor has been very eventful this year. The summer season, generally reserved exclusively for swimming and sipping cocktails along the docks of Halcyon Harbour, has been struck by strange events upsetting life as usual in the World of Twelve. History has repeated itself, and Osamodas himself seems to have intervened…

Always ready with the latest news, Betty Boom is releasing a new episode of her investigations today! She was approached by a mysterious individual and took the opportunity to interview him. Betty Boom's adventures continue in this second episode.

Dofus Touch Betty Boom, Reporter Info - August 08, 2018

Located in a strategic spot on the event island of Vulkania, ready to welcome new arrivals, adventurers and holiday-goers, Betty Boom is the leading source of information on the archipelago. She is currently following up on a lead in order to learn more about the events, accompanied by her assistant who is in charge of transcribing everything that is said.

By players for players, this topic aims to help those of you who have chosen to take a little detour through the tavern in your quest to reunify the Dofus. Before you start reading, be sure to visit the official Pandawa introduction page, which contains all the additional information you might need.

It's the return of our photo contest, and we're sure you're going to tantalize us yet again! There are many prizes to be won, including a Lifetime Bonus Pack. Impressive, right?

In the space of a year and a half, many illustrations have been created specifically for Gamakna, the Ankama e-news magazine. Such work really deserves an artbook! A "real" paper version! And thanks to the Gam'Art contest, you too can appear in this exceptional publication…

Following your performance during the Take the Pastille event, enjoy a drop bonus all weekend long!

Pitch, the head of Ankama's Audio team, composed an anthem that defines the musical identity of the Ankama group.


Yet again this year, many of you got out your microphones and put your most beautiful voice into play to take part in the Gobbstock contest. It's time for you to discover the nominees in each category and to vote for your favorite!

In order to support the French soccer team during the World Cup Finals, we are giving away gifts all Sunday, a color change potion is offered just by redeeming the GROCORICOS code, and this is not over!

After the success of the first quiz, we're back again with a second one! On the program this time: the Stubbyobs.
Bonus XP, gifts, in-game ghoul hunts… There's really no chance of you forgetting the Taking of the Pastille 2018! Ask for the program!
Dofus Touch Vulkania Is Back! Info - July 10, 2018
Get ready for an adventure, because Vulkania Park reopens today! And it should be eventful, so ask for the schedule!
As promised, Spell Balancing is now in Beta! Find out how to access the Beta, as well as the changes made.

Until the 3rd of September, take part in our achievements race to become a legend and leave with exclusive rewards!

Not all the mysteries of the new area of Mount Neselite have yet been unraveled. And on that topic, we're giving you free rein of your imagination and your talents through this new contest to be tackled in pairs!

By players for players, the purpose of this topic is to help those of you who have chosen to have your bow blessed by the goddess Cra in your quest to reunify the Dofus. Before you start reading, be sure to visit the official Cra introduction page, which contains all the additional information you might need.

Does Mount Neselite mean anything to you? What do yob mean? In Junssidor, we introduced you to the Stubbyobs, the new race of monsters hidden from sight in the Cania mountains.

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! The Stubbyobs are waiting for you in Mount Neselite! Discover the new content, improvements and various fixes with the changelog.

It's time for Gobbstock and summer* in this 8th issue of Gamakna! This issue is also overflowing with Stubbyobs… and that makes three good reasons for you to hum: "Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's home from work we go!" In DOFUS Touch news: work in progress, background, little hairy creatures, and Gobbstock. Welcome to GMK #8!

It's the same old song every year. The minstrels are practicing their scales, the troubadours are perfecting their texts, and the vocalists such as Feline Dion are getting their precious organ ready. What about you? What have you got planned for Gobbstock? Enter our traditional contest and win a swathe of gifts!

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! Discover the latest family of monsters, the Stubbyobs in Update 1.33: Forge & Honor, available this June 26!

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! The Dwarven-kin unveil themselves this summer in our latest open Beta testing. Find out more!