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Does Mount Neselite mean anything to you? What do yob mean? In Junssidor, we introduced you to the Stubbyobs, the new race of monsters hidden from sight in the Cania mountains.

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! The Stubbyobs are waiting for you in Mount Neselite! Discover the new content, improvements and various fixes with the changelog.

It's time for Gobbstock and summer* in this 8th issue of Gamakna! This issue is also overflowing with Stubbyobs… and that makes three good reasons for you to hum: "Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It's home from work we go!" In DOFUS Touch news: work in progress, background, little hairy creatures, and Gobbstock. Welcome to GMK #8!

It's the same old song every year. The minstrels are practicing their scales, the troubadours are perfecting their texts, and the vocalists such as Feline Dion are getting their precious organ ready. What about you? What have you got planned for Gobbstock? Enter our traditional contest and win a swathe of gifts!

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! Discover the latest family of monsters, the Stubbyobs in Update 1.33: Forge & Honor, available this June 26!

By King Cal Ymero Hard-Head's beard! The Dwarven-kin unveil themselves this summer in our latest open Beta testing. Find out more!

Come test your knowledge on DOFUS Touch and take home great rewards!

It's been almost a month since the Abyss Joust, our first inter-server DOFUS Touch tournament. Now we're putting a spotlight on the winners: Salmissra and Zedaar agreed to answer our questions!
Dofus Touch Missive #11 Info - May 29, 2018

New two-part area, new equipment, balancing, class change potion, discussions between the staff and the community on the forum… The coming months should be lively in DOFUS Touch and information is already circulating on all of the game media. Let's clarify things!

This month, turtles are the toast of the town in the World of Twelve! For a day at least. Adventurers love collecting their shells, but will it be as much fun on the turtle's special day?

Dawn was just barely breaking on the Cania coast. The wind was chilly during this cloudy period halfway between the winter chilblains and the first signs of gentle spring… The facetious Fax Mysther and the phlegmatic Nada Skelet had been on the road for several hours already. They'd had to travel across the continent to solve what was clearly not a very cold case…

Dofus Touch Show Off Your Art! Info - May 21, 2018

Do you love to make art, show off your talent and creations, and share your DOFUS Touch projects with others? Do you often spend hours drawing the Krosmoz? If so, this announcement is for you!

The Abyss Joust wrapped up last Sunday with Ankama paye la tournée bringing home the bacon! Find out the details and learn what the future holds for DOFUS Touch tournaments.

D-day's (almost) here – the day the most tumultuous of you in the World of Twelve have been waiting for. The Marquis of Lhambadda's Manor is opening its doors for good! This epicenter of roleplaying will have you seeing stars.

The qualifiers of the Abyss Joust ended last weekend. It's time to take stock of the teams and the final phase of the tournament!

Until Monday, May 7th 9:00 AM CEST, the force will be with you in DOFUS Touch thanks to two new packs!

After a triumph in the festivals, Mutafukaz is on the cover of Gamakna to get ready for its arrival in French movie theaters on May 23, 2018! In DOFUS Touch news, we talk about Lhambadda, spell balancing and a new project. Welcome to GMK#7!

Dofus Touch Comms and DOFUS Touch Info - April 25, 2018

You're used to seeing game updates, but today we'd like to share what we could call a "DOFUS Touch communication update"!

The 885 participants of the Abyss Joust are on the brink of war: the first round of the tournament begins tomorrow at 8:00 PM (Paris time). Here are a few reminders for the big day!

The registration for the Abyss Joust Tournament has ended last Tuesday! This is the time to find out the list of valid teams participating and details regarding the tournament server.

Tomorrow is International Bat Appreciation Day! The World of Twelve is celebrating it too, being full of the little creatures. Ready to show the rest of the world how much the residents love them… by beating them up?!

Warriors of Amakna, it's almost time for you to enter the arenas of the Abyss Joust! Registration is open until Tuesday, April 17 12:00 PM CEST. Please note that only the first 500 teams to register will participate in the competition, so sign up before it's too late.

Finishing off your opponents is good. Doing it with the style of Carla Garfield? That's even better! Participate in the skin contest organized by our partner JeuxOnLine for a chance to score awesome prizes.

Dofus Touch A Call to the Summit Info - April 03, 2018

On this fine Martalo morning, the adventurers of the World of Twelve found a big surprise in their mailboxes. In among the payment reminders from their Enutrof banker and brochures singing the praises of the latest equipment sets, they discovered an unusual envelope with gilded edges and an unmistakable wax seal. Return address: Ingloriom…