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Update 1.51 is now available in DOFUS Touch! Discover all the new features and improvements in this dedicated changelog.

Dofus Touch First Bonus Weekend! Event - June 17, 2021

The first +100% combat XP and drop bonus weekend start tomorrow. Find out more in this new article!

The fourteenth rotation of Ascension Island begins with the reopening of the servers! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

New details lead us to rollback all servers today and we want to explain them in this dedicated article.

The work on the duplication bug reported late last week is coming to an end. You can find here a summary of the last few days and hours of work done, as well as an update on the decisions made.

Dofus Touch Server Maintenance Info - June 05, 2021

A duplication bug has been reported and reproduced by our team. All servers are currently under maintenance.

Dofus Touch Beta: Update 1.51 Updates - May 25, 2021

A new beta is available via the DOFUS Touch Early app! Check out the changelog now.

In the next major update scheduled for June, we plan to implement a new feature involving daily objectives. We'll tell you more in this devblog!

Today, a new feature is on its way to make your beloved Ankama accounts even better! The non-unique nickname system is aimed at making your life easier. Let's take a closer look!

As previously announced, 18 players have now been selected to test the next round of class overhauls! Read all about it in this new article.

In order to more effectively fight bots and emulator abuse, and to keep the servers friendly, we are looking to recruit new volunteer moderators. If you're a regular DOFUS Touch player and familiar with its features, and if you're interested in moderating, join the team!

The survey on the future of Dopple spells has ended, and it's time to share the results!

The weeks and months ahead are looking pretty exciting… even thrilling! The long-awaited class overhauls and balancing updates are finally about to arrive. Learn more in this new article.

Dofus Touch Update 1.50 Updates - April 13, 2021

Like in 2020, we wanted to use the first few months of the year to make various in-game fixes and improvements. Read all about them in this new changelog!

As explained in the January Missive, this year we'd like to decide on the future of Dopple spells. It's time we got your input: Ready for a little survey?

Fleaster is coming, and that means it's time for egg hunts! Yellow ones, red ones, and polka-dotted red and yellow ones! What color are the dragon eggs in your imagination?

They're back. And they're more lovely, more creative, and funnier than ever. Alvi and company unveil all the latest Ankama news in a new episode of Ankama (Not) Live. Hurry up and watch it!

There are many adventures that unexpectedly fall upon us, like a drop of water that breaks the calm surface of a lake… Grab your boots and a hearty snack because the DOFUS and DOFUS Touch Animation Teams have decided to give you a new in-game story to follow!

Do you feel like rolling in (green) clover? Perfect. The Saint Potrick celebrations start today! Pandawas can lift their tankards and you, you can enjoy in-game advantages! Find out what they are quick!

Starting today and until March 19, tell us all your post-Saint Potrick's Day woes!

DOFUS Touch is recruiting Community Helpers to help out new adventurers in their adventures. Are you a guide at heart? Are you prepared to share what you know? 

In times like these, you'd best cover up before going outside! Ankama is thinking of you, your health, and your style too, so we're bringing out three packs of two masks* (Category 1) each, all in the colors of the World of Twelve! So…? Team Pets? Team Bonta vs. Brakmar? Or team Elegance? Now you just have to choose (to get them all)!

Dofus Touch Ascension Island is Back! Info - February 22, 2021

The thirteenth rotation of Ascension Island starts tomorrow! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

Dofus Touch Event: A Lovestruck Gobball Event - February 12, 2021

From February 12 to February 19 at 12:00 PM (Paris time), we invite you to participate in a new community event for Saint Ballotwine. Get out your finest paints, watercolors, colored pencils, or even your drawing tablet, and help our beloved Gobball to prepare for a romantic rendezvous!