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Under the thick clouds of incense smoke that cover the Feudala region, preparations are underway for a grand festival! The Order of the Lantern is organizing O-Matsuri festivities in honor of the Fire Spirit. But it seems that not everything is going as planned…

For our ninth Dungeon Rusher, starting this Wednesday, defeat Daggero and Peki Peki to unlock two new ceremonial shields!

The ground is shifting in Terrdala! Even as the Tanukis use their agile paws to mold and sculpt the treasures offered up by the soil, this artistic people finds itself gripped by growing anxiety…

This year, you're going to lose. There's no point kidding yourself… No, it's for sure: You won't win the grand prize for the ugly Kwismas sweater this time! But if you wear your woolly fleece in the colors of DOFUS, you've got every chance of leading the flock in the next Miss and Mister Amakna contest! Supplies are limited!

Are you soothed by the sound of rushing water? Akwadala may be filled with serene rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, but there's a danger bubbling up from those enchanting streams.

A 3-Day Bonus Pack For Free! Info - November 02, 2020

Let's face it – the world has seen better days… To support you during this difficult time and help put a smile on your face, we're offering a getaway that won't require you to step foot outside! Between today and Monday, November 30 at 9:00 AM (Paris time), you can pick up a free 3-day Bonus Pack!

Time has paused in its eternal flow. The stars no longer play their wild comedies. They have ceased their comings and goings, replaced by a stormy sky that torments us relentlessly. The tempest has imposed its cruel rhythm upon us, and lights the grim sky with stark flashes of lightning. Nothing will ever be the same. Pray? Wait? What to do when your people are at the edge of collapse?

Dofus Touch Al Howin Is Back! Event - October 22, 2020

The Al Howin event is now available. Don't miss this occasion to visit the terrifying lands of Horrib Isle and Al Howin's Vegetable Patch!

Halloween is coming, and we've got a treat in store for you that's even better than a full-sized candy bar. From Wednesday, October 14 through Wednesday, November 4, get three items for free with your purchase of €15 or more in the Ankama Shop!* Available for DOFUS, WAKFU and DOFUS Touch – so no hard feelings, anyone!
Dofus Touch Ascension Island is back! Info - October 12, 2020

The eleventh rotation of Ascension Island will start tomorrow morning! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

Today, we want to talk to you about how we manage DOFUS Touch. Read on to learn how we navigate from day to day between your expectations, our requirements, and our own goals for the game's future development!
Ankama Ankama (Not) Live: Episode 8! Info - September 18, 2020

After some time off over the summer, Ankama (Not) Live is back! Alvi and friends are more determined than ever to take on the start of fall! Discover all the latest Ankama news in a video that includes a little surprise

Dofus Touch The Me Hearty Party Returns! Event - September 17, 2020

The buccaneer bash dreamed up by a humble pirate named Seth Halitosis is back. Read on for more details!

Dofus Touch Another Candle on the Cake! Event - September 15, 2020
Four years ago to the day, DOFUS Touch was released for smartphone and internationally at the same time! And we'd like to celebrate this milestone with you the right way.
Dofus Touch Update 1.48 Updates - September 09, 2020

A new interim update is available in DOFUS Touch! Learn more with the changelog.

Ankama Shop Braderie Sale Shop - September 03, 2020

Something baffling has happened in the Ankama Shop. The prices on various items have suddenly been scaled down! It must be another braderie sale… Don't miss out on these crazy deals!

Enter our new drawing and collage contest for your chance to win the grand prize!

The pledge manager allows you to manage your contribution if you participated in the campaign, or to make a late pledge if you missed it.
Dofus Touch Ascension Island is back! Info - August 10, 2020

The tenth rotation of Ascension Island will start tomorrow morning! Fight your way to the top of the rankings to unlock maximum rewards... and maximum glory!

Dofus Touch New Pack Type! Shop - July 21, 2020

A new type of pack is being added to the shop: Progress Packs! Read all about it!

Tensions are always running high between Crakillian and the matriarch Kanigrula, which serves no one. Enter our new writing contest to try and persuade Kanigrula to bury the hatchet!

For three weeks, we lived for the WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter. It was a constant thrill. To be honest, it got our hearts beating faster than usual! But it's nothing compared to the adventures that await the Brotherhood of the Tofu. And that await YOU! Here's a video of Djinn looking back at an emotional last several days.

You really wanted this Armoured Dragoturkey. It was right there, sudden tragedy strikes: the Dragoturkey is no longer available in the Shop. In order to avoid such situations in the future, we'll detail the current offers for you each week!

We've often said that DOFUS Touch and DOFUS no longer have much in common in terms of development. Today we're going to explain things in a little more detail!