Hello all!

We hope to charm you with DOFUS Touch: both the current DOFUS players and those that have stopped playing for one reason or another. In this new form, and on a new server, you'll get to rediscover the game! We hope you'll enjoy combing the Blop dungeon, and crafting even more magic hats while tucked cozy in bed, from your couch, the corner café, or even – why not – on the toilet!
As we are adapting the various game interfaces to the tablet environment, we have a few modifications planned regarding dialog with NPCs and displaying chat bubbles; for more information, please keep reading!
For the Marketplace, we've placed the emphasis on:
  • accessibility: to be able to navigate to and from the Marketplace, everywhere that it might be practical;
  • efficient searching: by category or by text, to more quickly find an item on sale, in particular now that all the items are in a single Marketplace;
  • optimization of the available display area: to be able to see more items at the same time.
To better stick to the Tablet environment, we want to dissociate opening the smileys interface and the chat interface. Here's the result!
Economic Model Devblog - October 19, 2015 - [Izmar]
The Closed Beta of DOFUS Touch starts tomorrow. In order to boost our beta testers' experience and to keep you informed of DOFUS Touch's ways and means, we would like to present to you the economic model that we are currently considering for the game.